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Workshops in Spanish in April + May 2023


What is Legal Creatives?

Immersive Learning

Dive into the work methods of the industry-learning methodology of Legal Creatives.

Online, Interactive & Practical

Engage fully with the content, the experts and the community on the platform.

International Community

Be part of a global network and eco-system that inspires you to move forward faster by connecting and combining different points of views.

No Prior Design Knowledge Required

Whatever your entry level is, you will find something valuable and exciting to learn. Newcomers are welcome.

Unforgettable Learning Experience

Legal Creatives Platform and Community opens your eyes to completely new perspectives.

Certifications to Advance your Legal Career

For each milestone you complete, you'll get a badge to share and show your learnings and credentials.

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Want to add personal value within a large organization or become a Legal Design consultant?

Legal Creatives programs will set you apart. 

Unlike traditional LLM programs and Continuing Legal Education designed for law students and attorneys seeking roles within traditional law firms and institutions, Legal Creatives certification programs are highly relevant for those who want to lead innovation projects, communicate legal information in a modern manner and make legal services more client-centric for law firms, legal departments and institutions.

Our programs are perfect for legal professionals who want to future-proof their legal career with a certification at a fraction of the costs and time compared to a more traditional educational setting.

Learning on the platform means you get to access a diverse mix of learning activities, real-world case studies, and hands-on practice.

Join today! With our immersive programs and online platform, you will also be part of a truly global legal community innovation.

If you are eligible, use our Access for All program to access our programs at a fair or just price depending on their country of residence.

Camila Andrade
(Colombia & France)

"I learned a structured methodology in the Academy and got my Certification as Expert Practitioner, that helped me find a position in Legal Design right away.”

Melissa Saucedo

“The classes highlight exactly what it takes to become an outstanding Legal Designer, helping you discover and use the tools you need to use in any Legal Design project.”

Dorra Harrar

“Joining the Academy was one of the best decisions I've ever made in my career. I have learned new skills and used the program to start my own brand and consultancy."

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Empowering legal professionals from 50+ countries to think more creatively about the law and win new customers.


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Empowering legal professionals from 50 countries to think more creatively about the law and win new customers.

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Virtual Showcase

Questions? Email us:
[email protected]