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"Legal Creatives has the best approach to transform the way that legal services are to be delivered in the future. Tessa knows how we can improve and introduce innovation in the field of the legal industry. Be part of the Academy can ensure us to be part of the future of the law."

Legal mockup Startup Founders (Argentina)

"It is an honour to be part of the Academy and have the chance to learn from Tessa Manuello, this incredible woman with disruptive ideas, about creativity and its importance to bring innovation to the legal field. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us and helping us not only think but mostly build the future of legal services."

Milene, Lawyer & Legal Design Thinker (Brazil)

"We've had a fantastic day with a lot of inspiration on the theme of Legal Design, together with Tessa Manuello, and I can't wait to actually do this again."

Pierre, Former In-House Counsel & Founder (Sweden)

"We are already applying some of the techniques in our office and I have to say that this is not only more effective but also more fun."

Achim, Head of Legal Operations, Frankfurt (Germany)

"I am very proud to be a member of this Academy. Tessa is an incredible person. She shares positive vibes, believes in you, encourages you, helps you. So I am so excited to be here and I can’t wait every Tuesday to participate in the live class."

Dorra, Senior In-house counsel (Tunisia)

"Tessa explains the core aspects of legal services delivery in a very understandable way. I like my portal so much! I'm really interested in learning more from you, Tessa!"

Dalia, Prospective lawyer, Illustrator and concept designer (Germany)

"Legal Creatives and Tessa Manuello Leadership is absolutely fantastic. Good professional material and Tessa is such an inspirational human being."

Thiago, Lawyer & Consultant (Brazil)

"I was looking for a change in the way I am doing my law practice since the new times are demanding. I began the Academy plan just today and was looking at the videos. I expect to do a change in the way I do my legal practice to benefit my clients."

Kenia, Business Lawyer (Panama)

"It's a fantastic experience to understand that this method can be used to actually draft contracts. It's a way of working that I will apply in the future in my job, everyday."

Lotta, Lawyer & Founder (Sweden)

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