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Thank you for your interest in the Legal Creatives Facilitators Program.

This questionnaire is to assess your experience and interest in Legal Design, also to learn more about your hopes and dreams!

Be sure to know all information will stay confidential. It will only be used by our team to get to know you better, understand your interest in this program, also what you intent to do with it.

It will also enable us to provide you with the best support and academic content in order to ensure an amazing experience with Legal Creatives.

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Please, tell us more about you. What is your work experience and current position? 

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Which Legal Creatives Courses or Content have you already experienced? 

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I am or was a member of the Online Academy


I am registered or completed the Professional Certification Program


I attended one or more Online or In-Person Masterclasses


I attended one or more Online or In-Person Meetup(s)


I watch Legal Creatives Talks or Listen to the Podcast


None of the above

Question 3 of 11

Please specify which Legal Creatives Courses you have already taken. If you have not, just insert N/A (Not applicable).

Question 4 of 11

What is your idea about the future of Legal Design and how do you see it changing your life and your work?

Question 5 of 11

What are you 3 most important challenges you experience right now in your position in relation to Legal Design and innovation?  

Question 6 of 11

What are your 3 most important objectives you'd like to achieve in the next year in Legal Design and innovation?

Question 7 of 11

Do you run your own business? Are you a freelance consultant in Legal Design? Please tell us more about your business and your experience as an entrepreneur / intrapreneur. If you are not entrepreneur or intrapreneur, tell us what is preventing you from becoming one... 

Question 8 of 11

Tell us more about your experience in facilitation. How many groups did you facilitate? How many participants? Which methods do you use? Any formal training? Be as specific as possible.

Question 9 of 11

How do you see yourself benefiting from this program and what do you intend to achieve with it in the future? Be as specific as possible. 

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What city and country do you live? 

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And finally, please let us know how you heard about Legal Creatives? 

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Google Search - Legal Creatives Website


Word of Mouth - Referral from a friend or colleague

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