⚡️What is the Legal Creatives Learning Experience?

Mar 06, 2020

Eager to take the lead on the transformation of legal services? Want to make the most of the technological shift? Would you like to instigate and reinforce a culture of innovation in your law firm or legal department? Then I invite you to consider joining the Legal Creatives Masterclass Experience. Here's why ...

By joining the Masterclass Experience by Legal Creatives, you get to ...

Learn Legal Design in practice and apply it to real life scenarios to get back to the office with tangible results. By working on case studies and using a variety of tools, you will learn the methodology of Legal Design in action, also access untapped creativity. You will be inspired to innovate in your practice by creating better products & services, and experiences for your clients in law.

Problem-Solve some of the biggest challenges in Law today to deliver more value to clients and be more business-relevant. By taking this Masterclass Experience you will seize new opportunities to meet new customers needs in a global inter-connected world. You will be inspired to find more ways to deliver value to clients, expanding your awareness of what is truly possible in law today with creativity.

Accelerate the transformation of legal services in a way that will delight your clients with a new user experience. With the rapidly integration of technology in life and work environments, customers' needs and expectations are shifting in law. This Masterclass is your opportunity to understand how you can impress your customers and stay relevant by using Legal Design.

The Masterclass Experience is best for ...

Applying Legal Design as an innovation method is a must-have for anyone looking at improving their offering and developing new services, products, systems and experiences in Law. This Masterclass Experience is made for:

Senior lawyers, In-house counsels, Consultants and Legal entrepreneurs in search of practical tools for innovation to increase the value delivered to internal and external clients.

Leaders for Innovation in law firms looking for strategies inspired by Design Thinking to instigate a culture of innovation as well as also directors of Business Development and Marketing at Law Firms seeking to grow their market share and identify new markets.

Tech Service Providers, Head of Sales and Product Managers eager to get more insights to facilitate customers development and break-through with more clients.

Now, let's talk Masterclass outputs ...

Past Masterclass participants have been able to successfully develop legal products and services that are incredibly attractive to clients. They also improve internal systems which have saved their business time and money. Now you can do this too.

Here is what previous participants from around the world say about their Legal Creatives Masterclass Experience:

"I LOVED your class. It was extremely well executed and invigorating. I've had some new ideas already that I can implement in my practice." 

- Kate, Health Lawyer (Canada)

"No doubt the coolest course I took this year. The teaching methodology Legal Creatives is different from everything we are used to in the legal environment."

- Raphael, Internet & Privacy Lawyer (Brazil)

"We've had a fantastic day with a lot of inspiration on the theme of Legal Design, together with Tessa Manuello, and I can't wait to actually do this again."

- Pierre, Founder SKYE Contracts and Future of Contracting Conference (Sweden)

"Legal Creatives has the best approach to transform the way that legal services are to be delivered in the future. Tessa knows how we can improve and introduce innovation in the legal industry."

- Legal mockup founders (Peru)

What is the Legal Creatives learning method?

The Masterclass Experience is delivered by seasoned facilitators in Legal Design certified by Legal Creatives. Together, they are serving a community of 2,000+ lawyers worldwide within a movement that already reached more than 50 countries. The Legal Creatives method is focused on producing results by reviving the creativity in you.

At the Masterclass you learn tools & participate in activities that will inspire you more ways to deliver value to clients and to adapt to their new expectations. You will learn how to take the lead on innovation by dis-mystifying Legal Design in practice!

Enrol in a Memorable Learning Experience in Legal Design! 

Find a Masterclass in a city near you. Our Masterclass Experience is delivered worldwide. Time to take the lead on innovation with the most in-demand method for the legal future: Legal Design! 

Early Bird now open for London, Berlin and Paris 🇬🇧🇩🇪🇫🇷

For any question on the Masterclass experience, please email now: [email protected]

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