⚡️Are you one Masterclass away from a major break-through?

Oct 10, 2019

By Tessa Manuello

[article updated on January 28, 2020]

Are you a senior lawyer, a legal counsel, or a legal innovation manager looking to design new legal business models? Eager to deliver more value to clients? Curious about how to create am incredible legal user experience - Legal UX? I get those questions all the time. And I say: You may be just one Masterclass away from a break-through. Discover how, at Legal Creatives, we ignite the creative sparks for you and turn them into something tangible and sustainable...

1. Why participate? 

Lawyers from more than 50 countries around the world use our programs and platform to create incredible legal products and experiences. If you are interested in delivering more value for clients, making your own internal processes smoother and take advantage of the Legal Design method to innovate, then you should consider join a Masterclass near you. In the Masterclasses, you will learn how to be "Design-Ready" using and practicing a vast array of tools at the intersection of Legal Design, Service Design and Legal Service Models.

2. What will you get?

You will acquire hands-on knowledge on Legal Creatives Design and apply tools in context such as ...

  • Learn and apply the Legal UX Canvas by Legal Creatives to build incredible products snd experiences to clients;
  • Use creative techniques to brainstorm an impressive amount of ideas and to prototype solutions;
  • Develop a compelling story around your products and services.

3. Who should be present?

  • Partners, General Counsel and Senior Legal Counsel in law firms or in-house;
  • Strategists and managers for legal innovation and digital transition;
  • Directors and Manager for Marketing and Business Development, as well as Chief knowledge Officers;
  • Anyone looking for practical tools to develop innovative products and services with an engaging customer experience;
  • And those of you looking to hep their users and customers solve complex problems with a creative approach.

4. What is the program?

A full day hands-on to learn the tools and acquire the strategies in Legal Creatives Design such as:

  • Morning Activities: Foundations of Legal Creatives Design, Legal UX Theory, Legal UX in Practice; Design challenge.
  • Afternoon Activities: Ideation techniques, Brainstorming techniques, Rapid prototyping, Pitching of new product and service models.

5. What is the format?

In every Masterclass we use case studies, and a variety of visually interesting tools combined with hands-on activities. You learn through practice 80% of the time, in small groups, to get to apply the theory in Legal Creatives Design. All our Masterclasses takes place in unique places such as Art Galleries and unfold in a highly interactive format. It will surely be an invaluable learning experience.

6. Who are the trainers?

Tessa Manuello is the founder and CEO of Legal Creatives, and an internationally recognized speaker considered as one of the leading experts in legal design in the world. In addition to teaching Creativity at Sherbrooke Law School (Canada), she is regularly invited to lecture, train and speak to share her knowledge with the legal public worldwide. Tessa guides her reflections and research on topics such as innovation, disruption and the insertion of creativity in the design of legal services.

For each city we visit we strive to bring in a local facilitator as a way to enhance innovation capacities. This is part of a new Facilitators program that is a one of a kind mentorship program in Legal Design in the world. This program takes participants through the methodologies and give them the strategies to become an authority in their community in Legal Design, using Legal Creatives content, material and expertise.

7. What are the results participants get from the Masterclass?

We guarantee our Legal Creatives Masterclasses will leave you and your colleagues inspired and better equipped to deliver more value to your clients. In fact we've had such great feedbacks we are totally overwhelmed. Instead of sharing the testimonials, let's see the results participants get:

  • Reinvent traditional advocacy with solutions prototyped at the Masterclass;
  • Use the method of Legal Creatives Design in their law office, enabling a new approach with partners, colleagues and clients.
  • Get hired as innovation managers and directors in law firms to infuse the method in legal product design and service delivery models
  • Kick-off and boost their own Legal Design Consultancy practice.

8. Which cities are hosting a Masterclasses and when?

Interested in joining? Take a look at the Masterclass dates. Want to host a Masterclass in-house for your team? Please contact us at [email protected] 

See, I told you you may just be one Masterclass away from a major break-through! Now, at Legal Creatives we can't wait to see you ignite the creative spark! Join us for a Masterclass experience ⚡️⚡️⚡️

Tessa Manuello

Founder/CEO Legal Creatives 

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