Episode 39: Legal Design in Antitrust Law with Dr. Vera (Glatzel) Rödel

legal design Jan 31, 2024

🎙️ This Legal Creatives episode with Dr. Vera (Glatzel) Rödel is truly eye-opening! She shares real insights into their journey toward leaner and more user-friendly documents and legal operations.

Vera is the Global Lead, Antitrust/Risk Governance and Management at Merck, based in Frankfurt (Germany) 🌍. In this episode, she unveils the transformation of daunting antitrust documents into a clickable PDF that makes sense to end-users.

And guess what? It's not a one-time thing! They're taking legal design to more projects, understanding it's about engagement, not just aesthetics.

🚀 One key lesson: the power of prototyping. It's not about perfection from the start; it's about showing a work-in-progress and getting feedback. The impact? Fantastic! People not only understand the content but also save time. Who knew a clickable PDF could do that? Well, it did, and they measured it. They can see the impact.

🔄 Now, they're not stopping there. The success of the antitrust project paved the way for legal design in other areas – saving time, providing clear information, and making documents user-friendly in various departments.

Vera, now a legal design ambassador, spreads the word across the company, and people are catching on, and more projects are in the pipeline.

⏰ If there's one thing Vera wishes, it's that they started this journey earlier. Legal design isn't just a buzzword; it's a game-changer.

Exciting times ahead as this mindset continues transforming the way we work at Merck. 🌐

Stay tuned for more updates from Vera and connect with her on Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dr-vera-r%C3%B6del-5306a685/


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