Episode 32: Exploring Effective Legal Ops and Project Management Strategies to Work Better and Delight Customers with Hannah Gentry (USA & UK)

Feb 14, 2023

In this episode of The Legal Creatives Podcast, we explore how legal ops and project management strategies help lawyers work better and deliver quality results to clients. Our guest is Hannah Gentry, Legal operations and project management professional from the USA now based in the UK who shed light on her journey creating systems and processes for actors in the legal industry, as well as take us through some effective tips for improving efficiency while managing risks more effectively. We also discuss best practices to implement some of the principles of Legal Project Management and Legal Operations. 🚀💯

Join us in talking about core principles in the legal industry that can increase productivity while still delighting customers. 🤩

Here's what you will learn in this Episode:

Here's what you will learn in this Episode:

- What are the key drivers of Legal Project Management?

- How can Legal Ops contribute to increased efficiencies and better risk management, especially for solo GCs and Scale-Ups?

- What are some Legal Project Management and Legal Ops principles to implement in your legal practice, today?

- Legal Ops and GDPR: Why it's the perfect marriage! (Hey, after it's February 14th today - Happy Valentine's Day 💙 )

- How can Legal Ops help manage legal risks more effectively?

- What are some of the practical ways to use Legal Operations and Legal Project Management? And Hannah shared some great examples!

- Tips to choose the best tools when working on Legal Operations with Clients!

✨✨ Bonus: Why not being a trained attorney can be a huge advantage in Legal Operations!

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