Meet Bianca Schroeder - The Executive Director of Legal Creatives

Aug 20, 2021


It took Bianca Schroeder a few years to find a cause where she could combine her passions and skills to make an impact on the world. Today, she is the Executive Director at Legal Creatives and with her unique way leads a team that grows every day.

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After more than twenty years living in Canada and experiences as an executive in a banking institution and in the Canadian government, Bianca Schroeder returns to Brazil with two very important missions: consolidate Legal Creatives in Brazilian lands and expand the impact to the rest of the world by redesigning services with empathy and creativity.

Legal Creatives started its activities in Brazil in 2019, with the presence of founder Tessa Manuello and since then they have been conquering every day the public of professionals and operators of law. From Garopaba (SC), Bianca coordinates a team of people from several countries, with the goal of transforming the legal world.


Heroine of her own story

Promoting a great social impact in the world is a purpose that has stimulated Bianca's work since she was a child. However, life took the executive down different paths for a period. Burnout, divorce, career transitions, post-traumatic stress... All these obstacles were part of the executive's journey to the point that they made Bianca give up working with any computer full time.

Until one day, she was able to rediscover her childhood dreams of changing the world when she participated in a workshop facilitated by Tessa Manuello, whom she had never met before.

'She told me about her company, Legal Creatives, and about several workshops she had already held in Brazil in 2018. I offered to help, because my parents are lawyers, and I could somehow help in part of the process,' she says.

With the evolution of the pandemic and the decision to close the activities of a venture in Canada, Bianca returned to Brazil and embraced the mission and began to be part of Legal Creatives full time.


But why choose Brazil?

'Brazilian professionals are much better than they think. There is a culture of always improving what is being done, this makes our country stand out from the others. The ego of professionals from developed nations sometimes prevents processes from evolving. Here, the operators of the Law, through the various courts and public agencies, have already started the implantation of legal innovation laboratories. I haven't seen any similar movement abroad,' she comments.

Bianca speaks with propriety when she makes the comparison. With a degree in Linguistics and Conflict Resolution from Canada, the executive speaks four languages, and has experience in various parts of the world. She has worked with a high volume of contracts in oil companies, as well as cases in the Human Rights Commission in the Canadian government. The same challenges in legal services that we see in Brazil are also repeated in many places where I have been,' she adds.

Our goal is for Brazilians to have access to legal services redesigned by Legal Design. Whether in contracts, traffic fines, or lawsuits. Lawyers are under the impression that the law is saturated when, in fact, only 4% of the world's population has access to legal services. Through Legal Creatives, every specialist can scale their services and transform the world through innovation in Law'.

This mission is just beginning!


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