Legal Project Management: How to better manage your team to deliver projects on time with Isabel Venegas

career & professional development legal design Oct 05, 2021

Now Released on the Podcast! How to better manage your team to deliver projects on time, and stop feeling overwhelmed, with Isabel Venegas! This is what you will discover in this Legal Creatives Talk with Isabel Venegas.

Every legal project has the potential to become a major hit or a disappointment. What's the difference? Your capacity to manage it thoroughly! To achieve this, you need to know and use Legal Project Management techniques.

We recently had a great conversation with Isabel on our LinkedIn live - Her insights were so appreciated by the audience we decided to make this interview more widely available via our Podcast. In this interview, Isabel Venegas talks about the tools and techniques you need to use to manage projects more effectively with your team, how to become a better leader and how to be more mindful of customer needs, while avoiding the most typical productivity mistakes!

In this interview, you will learn how to deliver on time and on scope, how to better manage your day-to-day work, and how to stop feeling overwhelmed to make your clients happy! You will learn some techniques you can implement today by listening to the interview with Isabel Venegas. Plus you'll get an extra High Performance coaching from Tessa Manuello at the end of the episode to help you implement your insights! 

Isabel Venegas, originally from Chile, is a lawyer and a certified Legal Project Manager and Legal Design Expert with a Master’s degree in International Business Law from ESADE. She has more than ten years of experience as a legal advisor and strategist for multinational companies in the real estate, mining, construction, and M&A sectors. As an innovation seeker, Isabel’s practice has mainly focused on business development and legal operations for law firms, alternative legal service providers, and technology companies in Spain and Latin America.

You can connect with Isabel Venegas on Linkedin for more information and visit Legal Creatives websitefor more resources, also to access the courses and material inside the Academy or the Certification Program.