Legal Creatives, Featured Startup at Canada Day Summit, Lisbon Portugal

Nov 06, 2017

Featured startup at Canaday Day Summit, Legal Creatives is introducing its first technological legal solution.

Legal Creative is the world's first platform designed to empower legal communities to stand out. Its mission is to help all legal professionals enhance legal experience and deliver better access to justice, through creativity.

On Canada Day Summit, our founder Tessa Manuello is pitching in front of Canadian Trade Commissioners from Portugal, Spain, United Kingdom and from Ottawa as well as investors and other startups.

Today we are introducing Legal Creatives's first technological solution, an all-in-one digital platform for lawyers willing to kickstart and grow their practice into the digital era. By bringing together legal communities from across the world, Legal Creatives is leading the way into a new legal era through the creative use of technology.

Legal Creatives' mission is to empower the legal community to enhance legal experience and deliver better access to justice, through creativity. 

Get ready to live a memorable learning experience with us!

Get the presentation to discover how. We can't wait to see you get started.


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