Legal Design Mindsets or Methods? It's not one or the other, it's both!

Dec 08, 2021

It's always very impressive to see Legal professionals embracing the mindset of designers significantly improve their services, their customer satisfaction, and their impact on society. But it is just a question of mindset? No.

It's also about using the right methodology, with the right tools, working with the right mindset. Recently, I have given a full session on this topic inside the Online Academy (Cornerstones of Legal Design • if you want to look it up inside your member's area) and today I wanted to share some of the insights with you on The Legal Creatives Podcast!

I want to talk to you about how you can use both the methods and the right attitudes with the skill set to be able to do a great job at using Legal Design. So whether you want to use Legal Design for yourself, in your own legal department or in your law firm, or whether you want to use Legal Design to actually help your clients as a consultant, as an innovation consultant or legal tech strategies, this episode is for you.

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See you on the Podcast! 

- Tessa 

Founder/CEO Legal Creatives

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