LUBLINnovation: A Spectacular Showcase of Legal Innovation in Poland

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By Tessa Manuello, Founder & CEO of Legal Creatives | The Legal Designers

The Legal LUBLINnovation conference held in Lublin, Poland, was a phenomenal event that brought together an eclectic mix of speakers, attendees, and sponsors for a comprehensive dive into the world of legal innovation. With a vibrant atmosphere and a packed agenda, the conference offered a unique blend of engaging workshops, insightful keynotes, a tech alley, and even a cinema experience and rooftop terrace gathering, ensuring a memorable experience for all participants.

Here are some my highlights of the event and biggest take-aways:

Conference Highlights!

Highlight no1: Dynamic Opening Ceremony

The conference kicked off with an energetic and impactful opening session that set the tone for the rest of the event. The opening, packed with thought-provoking concepts, creative exercises, and even a synchronized clapping session to "Eye of the Tiger," was a resounding success. This engaging start showcased the innovative spirit of the conference and left attendees buzzing with excitement. I was humbled to be given the opportunity to kick-off the conference with such a bang! It's so special when event organizers of legal conferences prepare the stage to host something really creative. 

Highlight no2: Inspiring Keynotes and Panels

One of the standout features of LUBLINnovation was the diversity in content delivery. From keynotes to panels and workshops, the conference offered a rich variety of formats that kept attendees engaged throughout. Many speeches got my attention but I'll pick Maciej Kacymirow from Greenberg Traurig Poland who delivered an especially memorable speech, blending insightful commentary with a touch of humor, providing plenty of food for thought on how will AI reshape the law firm's model.

Highlight no3: Interactive Workshops

Workshops played a crucial role in the conference, offering hands-on experiences that complemented the theoretical knowledge shared in the keynotes and panels. The Legal Design workshop, led by Anna Posthumus Meyjes, was particularly notable. Participants, including first-timers found the workshop to be an invaluable experience, highlighting the practical applications of legal design in real-world scenarios.

One of the standout workshops at LUBLINnovation was focused on the practical use of icons and visualizations in documents. Conducted by Dorota Węgrzyńska Jarząbek, Attorney-at-Law, Jan Łój, Senior UX Designer at Akamai Technologies, and Agata Tokarska, UI/UX Designer, this session provided attendees with hands-on experience and valuable insights into how visual elements can enhance the clarity and effectiveness of legal documents, underscoring the innovative spirit of the conference. It was the launch of the Legal Icon Dictionary project led by Legalny Design.

Highlight no4: Plenty of Networking Opportunities

The conference also excelled in providing ample networking opportunities. From coffee breaks to evening social events in the evenings, attendees had numerous chances to connect and engage in meaningful discussions. The rooftop terrace gatherings and the informal chats at the tech alley were perfect settings for forging new professional relationships and rekindling old ones. 

3 Biggest Key Takeaways!

  1. Diversity in Format and Content: The blend of keynotes, panels, workshops, and social events created a dynamic and engaging environment. The varied pace kept attendees interested and facilitated better learning and networking experiences. The choice of venue also played a significant role, with its nice theater, cinema space, and rooftop terrace. Ideally located downtown with plenty of artsy vibes, it was perfect to prime the audience for creativity and innovation.
  2. Fearless Polish Audience Embracing Radically New Concepts: The enthusiasm and openness of the Polish audience towards new concepts in legal innovation were remarkable. Their active participation and positive feedback contributed to the event's success. The audience's eagerness to engage with cutting-edge ideas and collaborate on forward-thinking projects created a vibrant and dynamic atmosphere, making LUBLINnovation a standout event in the legal innovation calendar! 

  3. Growing Legal Design Movement: The discussions and panels highlighted the expanding influence of the legal design movement in Poland and across Europe. The polish panel, featuring Kamila Kurkowska, Izabela Turczyńska-Buszan, Magdalena Góralska, and Iwona Jaroszewska-Ignatowska, Ph.D., emphasized the benefits of a multidisciplinary approach to legal design, underscoring its importance in the future of legal practice but also RH and other fields.  The conference’s international panel featuring Anna Posthumus Meyjes, Aura Eriksson-Häikiö, Gaga Mućko and myself provided deep insights that resonated well with the audience, creating a cohesive narrative on the growing importance and application of legal design.

Looking Ahead!

Reflecting on the success of this year's event, it's clear that LUBLINnovation has set a high standard for legal innovation conferences. The blend of engaging content, interactive workshops, and excellent networking opportunities made for an unforgettable experience. As we look forward to the next edition, there's a palpable excitement about the continued growth and impact of the legal design movement in Poland and beyond.

A special shoutout goes to Aneta Baranowska and Kacper Baranowski for their exceptional efforts in organizing such a successful event. Their dedication and hard work were evident in every aspect of the conference, from the meticulous planning to the seamless execution. The feedback from attendees was overwhelmingly positive, with many praising the event's organization and the quality of the content. Here's to the next LUBLINnovation and the continued advancement of legal innovation!

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