Meet Tessa at LegalTech Fest MX, Monterrey, Mexico.

Oct 25, 2018

Discover how - in just 90 minutes - Tessa got participants to create solutions specially geared to answer Mexico access to justice needs. Watch the highlights in this video.

Using the World Justice Project Index and the Legal Creatives approach, the local community from Monterrey and beyond united at the university Tecnológico de Monterrey to make some major technological advancements happen. 

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Hosting a Legal Creatives event, such as a talk or workshop, is a unique opportunity for you to make both contract and legal experiences more engaging, satisfying and outstanding. 

Reach out to Tessa now to discuss opportunities.

Kudos to the event organizer, Gemma Juárez Abella and to all the participants!I look forward to continue supporting the local community in any capacity. Let's keep creating ⚡️⚡️‼️

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