Meet Tessa at the Future of Contracting, Stockholm

Oct 05, 2018
Meet our founder today in Stockholm (Sweden) for the Contact Re:Design workshop at the futureofcontracting.comA full day of learning by doing, solving practical challenges and prototyping re-designed contacts to take home and to the office.  Watch the highlights of the workshop in this video.
Organized by Skye Contracts, and with the participation of many other speakers, Pierre Dicksson, Magnus Lindberg, Markus Löwegren, Magnus Steen, Joakim Jansson Peter Carlsson Tim Cummins Marc Rollin, Jacqui Archer, Joachim Moller Andersen, Jan Franzen Nils-Erik Jansson Camilla Fahlström (Johnsson), you can also see Tessa's talk on Contract re:Design in this video. 

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