Meet Tessa at the Legal Design Retreat, Frankfurt Germany

Nov 01, 2018

Ever wished to make contracts and law easy to use, and understandable? Making it simple with powerful visuals is now possible. With Legal Design. Today Tessa is facilitator at the Legal Design retreat in Frankfurt Germany.

Take a look at Dalia Moniat's graphic recording of the Legal Design Retreat to which we participated last week at Reinvent Law in Frankfurt to see how powerful this can be. You will also learn more about Tessa'a approach to bringing creativity into contracts and the law, all those best kept secrets I disclose every time I give a speech. So much talents embracing the new ways applying creative skills into law. Thank you Dalia!

Interested in hosting an event?

Hosting a Legal Creatives event, such as a talk or workshop, is a unique opportunity for you to make both contract and legal experiences more engaging, satisfying and outstanding. 

Reach out to Tessa now to discuss opportunities.


And thanks to all the co-facilitators, always a pleasure to get to work with together. Tamay Schimang Astrid Kohlmeier Anna-Lena Helfrich Daniella Domokos Bram van Hasselt Meera Klemola (née Sivanathan) Lieke Beelen Emma Hertzberg Stefania Passera @helena haapio Caitlin (Cat) Moon, MA JD Dennis Becker Joaquín Santuber Lina Krawietz Sebastian Schaub María J. González-Espejo Laura Fauqueur Aileen A. Schultz Marisa Monteiro Borsboom

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