Spark Your Legal Creativity With These Ebooks

mindset Dec 04, 2023

Within the legal sphere, the journey towards innovation requires not only legal acumen but also a touch of creativity that can reveal new pathways. In a Bloomberg Law article, attorneys from Morgan, Lewis, & Bockius highlight the skills lawyers need to become well-rounded “legal athletes” who can work with data and innovate. Among the skills they mentioned is the ability to look for new ways of delivering services in order to transform how legal organizations solve client problems. In other words, lawyers and firms need creativity to better provide solutions to their clients.

For legal professionals seeking fresh perspectives and innovative approaches to their services, this curated list of ebooks serves as the catalyst needed to spark creativity, guiding the legal community toward novel strategies that can redefine the terrain of legal practice.

Where to find these resources

A good place to start looking for creative inspiration is through ebooks. Ebooks offer a convenient solution for busy legal professionals due to their accessibility and how easily they can be integrated into hectic schedules. Subscription-based digital library, Everand, has made reading on the go even simpler. Everand hosts audiobooks and ebooks spanning genres like business, career & growth, law, philosophy, self-improvement, and more, all of which you can access for an affordable monthly fee. Through their app, you can download ebooks to read offline, highlight text, and even make notes and annotations that you can review later on.

In addition to ebooks from Everand, participating in law seminars and conferences can foster creativity by facilitating the exchange of ideas and perspectives. Annual conferences like The Summit, for instance, feature inspiring speakers, informative workshops, and networking events that help small law firms get up to speed with the latest trends in the legal industry.


The best ebooks for sparking legal creativity


Legal Upheaval by Michele DeStefano

Professor Michele DeStefano’s background in advertising and marketing has made her uniquely qualified to help legal teams identify problems, design solutions, and use storytelling for buy-in and adoption. Born of DeStefano’s work leading hundreds of multidisciplinary teams on innovation cycles, as well as conducting more than 100 interviews of general counsels and law firm partners, Legal Upheaval provides a new understanding of the expectations of clients. In her book, DeStefano takes us on a journey that lays out the trifecta for success in a changed legal landscape: creativity, collaboration, and innovation.


The Happy Lawyer by Nancy Levit and Douglas O. Linder

The Happy Lawyer: Making a Good Life in the Law examines the causes of dissatisfaction among lawyers and then charts possible paths to happier and more fulfilling careers. Key takeaways include the importance of finding meaning and purpose in legal work, striking a work-life balance, and prioritizing well-being – all of which are helpful to maintaining optimal brain function for creativity. The book also addresses strategies for managing stress, building resilience, and nurturing positive professional relationships, ultimately providing a holistic guide for legal professionals.


Never Split the Difference by Chris Voss and Tahl Raz

Negotiation is the cornerstone of effective legal practice. As a lawyer, your ability to negotiate shapes outcomes, resolves conflicts, and advances your client's interests. Chris Voss spent 24 years in the FBI and was the FBI's lead international kidnapping and hostage negotiator for 4 years. Through his book, you will learn how to think outside the box and adapt strategies for better results, as was achieved by Bryan Heid when he sought strategic negotiation training to enrich his business and sales strategy. The book also underscores the value of establishing a positive rapport with opposing parties and provides a framework to navigate negotiations successfully and secure favorable outcomes.

Ebooks aren’t just about knowledge, they are toolkits that aid legal professionals in adapting to changes and shaping the future of legal services with clever and forward-thinking ideas. If you’re interested in supplementing your learnings from the ebooks listed above, join the Legal Creatives Bootcamp to elevate your legal practice further with the power of visuals! Or, visit the Legal Creatives website for updates on our founder, Tessa Manuello’s book Creativity Is the New Law.