⚡️🇧🇷Speaking in Belém, Brazil, with Law.go.

Oct 18, 2019

⚡️🇧🇷Did you see Carol Hannud, our COO at Legal Creatives, was in Belém, Brazil this week to talk about Legal Creatives Design at the first Law + tech event ever held in the region? During the event, speakers from all parts of Brazil were invited to present various approaches for legal innovation, to best inform the legal community in Belém and beyond as to how to innovate. 

Along with amazing speakers in Legal Tech from Belém and other parts of Brazil, the objective for the event was to present pioneer initiatives and solutions in Law Tech and Legal Tech, as well as innovation methods capable of supporting the transformation of legal services in the region. 

🎙In this talk entitled "Legal Creatives Design: A journey to re-think the user experience in law", Carol Hannud delivered a highly engaging and inspiring talk on Legal Creatives Design, as a proven methodology for innovation in law.

⚡️In Belém, the creative spark ignited! The audience got to experience some of our highly creative techniques, which also included some highly energizing audience participation, sketchs and drawings too!

💯As you can see at Legal Creatives Creatives, we are not the kind of speakers that hide behind the speaking booth, or stay comfortably seated at the speaking table. Instead we stand at the forefront of the stage, stay close to the audience, invite the public to participate, and walk in the room to have the public share insights. 

This event organized by Amanda Machado and Caroline Navarro from Law.go left the audience inspired and energized with insights, ground-breaking ideas and refreshingly new perspectives to transform the way legal services are delivered today. 

⚡️Congratulations to the organizers for such a great event in the region, we were so happy to be invited to contribute to this event with by presenting the Legal Creatives Design approach to the community in Belém and beyond!

At Legal Creatives, we are glad we got to contribute to the success of this event with a highly dynamic and interactive talk. Thank you so much for having us at this event!

👉 We look forward to continuing working together and being a part of the community success in the transformation of Legal Services! If you are interested to be a part of this movement, book a time to talk to Carol now. We loo forward to talking to you very soon!  


Tessa Manuello
Legal Creatives

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