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3 Reasons to Get Coaching Tools

Keep track of your progress and measure your success in Legal Design. Best way to stay focused on your Legal Design Project.

Get the metrics you need.

Each tool provides a framework to help you identify strategies in Legal Design, spark insights, take action and reflect on how you can use Legal Design in your practice.

It's about the progress you make.

Measure your progress in a very practical way. Tools are designed to encourage you to take actions, implement new strategies and reflect on their effectiveness. 

Elevate your plans.

Gain clear vision of the outcome you’d like to achieve, identify the next steps to take and elevate your plan. So go ahead and get started with your first Tool now.

The objective for these tools is to help you keep making progress towards achieving our objectives. This our promise to you for these tools. For any question, send us an email at [email protected]

Testimonials and Comments

Here is what previous participants say about their Experience with us

"Thank you.  I like the road map.  It's very attractive and easy to understand."

- Camilyn, Academy 2.0 participant (USA)

"I LOVE my tracking success tool! Thank you."

- Antonella, Academy 2.0 participant (Peru)

"The tools helped me change my perspective right from the first one!"

- Alessandro, Academy 1.0 Member, Founder El Reclamador (Argentina)

"The tools really improves the process and experience!" 

- Mauro, Academy 2.0 participant (Brazil)

Learn with Tessa Manuello, Founder & CEO of Legal Creatives

Internationally acclaimed Speaker, recognized as one of the world's leading experts in Legal Design. Author of the world's first course in Creativity at a Law School, Tessa is regularly invited to deliver keynotes on innovation, disruption and creativity to legal professionals worldwide.

Find Tessa's full Bio on LinkedIn.

Start tracking your success

Using our tools, Participants make substantial progress in their own legal design projects.

Now you can do this too.


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