Meet Tessa Manuello
Founder & CEO of Legal Creatives

Tessa Manuello is the founder and CEO of Legal Creatives, an internationally recognized teacher and speaker as one of the world's leading experts in legal design.

French and Canadian citizen, Tessa holds a Master of Law degree from Sorbonne (France), Sherbrooke (Canada) and Western Cape (South Africa) with certificates and recognition in Creativity and Innovation (United States).

She has worked with Arbitration at the International Chamber of Commerce in Paris and is also a mediator of conflicts.

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Meet Carol Hannud
COO of Legal Creatives

Carol Hannud has been COO and Academic Partner of Legal Creatives since 2018. From Italo-Syria, the Brazilian is based in São Paulo, SP, Brazil.

Professor of negotiation and mediation, works in the technology ecosystem and startups enabling the union between law, new opportunities and partnerships, as well as the creation of value and impact.

Graduated in Law from USP, with specializations at LSE and the University of Coimbra, Carol worked as a lawyer from 2004 to 2017, structuring and executing highly complex multidisciplinary projects with energy and enthusiasm.

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New Book Coming Soon:

Creativity is The New Law
by Tessa Manuello

With photos by the author.
To be published in 2020.

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