On November 26th, 2022

Academy Contract
Design Showcase 

Join the Event Gallery Space in the Metaverse where we bring together practitioners who have made contract design from scratch, using proven techniques from visuals to modern legal writing, and everything in between!💡

On November 26th, at 8 am Mexico, 9 am New York, 11 am Sao Paulo, 2 pm London, 42 pm Paris, 6 pm Dubai, 9:30 pm Mumbai and 10 pm Singapore

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Come see the Academy Contract Design Showcase and Cast Your Vote for Best Concept! Votes till Friday,  December 2nd, 2022. Get access today! 

Meet Your Event Host, Tessa Manuello 👋

Tessa Manuello is the founder and CEO of Legal Creatives, considered one's of the World's Legal Design Pioneers, and Certified High-Performance Coach. She has built and grown the largest active community in the Legal Design space, delivering highly interactive talks, engaging learning programs enabling the creation of tangible outcomes, and deeply motivating keynotes speeches.

Attend the Event to discover Contract Design in Action And Get Inspired to Take your Legal Design journey to the Next level! 🚀 

Attend the Event to discover Contract Design in Action And Get Inspired to Take your Legal Design journey to the Next level! 🚀 


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An International Gathering with Practitioners from all over the world who are coming together to share some key learnings, new opportunities, and practical insights in Contract Design 

Live Legal Design Showcase

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