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About the D.lux Sprint

The D.LUX Sprint is a structured methodology that guides law firms, legal departments and legal technology service providers to develop innovative solutions in just 5 days. This immersive sprint experience helps explore new solutions, also their viability and their desirability, while up-skilling teams. This structured and proven approach is delivered by experts and consultants recognized as leaders in the global legal innovation industry.

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Discover how a change in mindset can help your organization achieve breakthrough fast while gain long-lasting results.


The design sprint is a methodological process, which tackles and solves problems fast. It brings tangible and meaningful deliverables in a very efficient manner.


Up-skill & increase your team motivation level by collaborating in this highly informative, interactive and transformative Design Sprint method.

key Benefits

Strategy & VIsion

Gain a specific long-term goal including success metrics for internal alignment and recommended next steps based on effort / impact.

Team alignment

See how it is possible to align the team with one vision and deploy human resources to their full potential for success.

Expert Insights

Get market and expert insights that will be used throughout the Sprint towards building a long lasting solution.


Achieve tangible results with a high-fidelity interactive prototype, tested by real users, with files and access to user test videos.

How you will work with us

hands-on practical

With emphasis on experimentation and problem solving, your team get to work with experts to get a solution.


Use our Virtual Lab and Facilitators to move from problem to solution with this completely online sprint method.

strategic approach

Record milestones using success metrics and get your ROI as you build a viable solution in the fastest way possible.

How you will work with us


Get internal stakeholders and team aligned on a strategic long term vision and avoid pitfalls towards implementing the solution.


Dive deep in the problem and take ownership for the solution, while your team co-create with our cross-disciplinary cohort.


Execution is the key to success. Let our experts guide your team in planning the steps ahead to achieve the anticipated results.


Every Design Sprint is custom to clients needs, bringing different experts, coming up with different demos and unique solutions.



Fill in the needs assessment form, pick a date for your exclusive live webinar and work with us to identify stakeholders to join the Sprint.

Join the sessions

Bring 4 to 8 participants to the first two sessions of the Sprint to actively contribute to the problem finding strategic session and ideation.

Implement your Solution

Let experts work on your solution for the next two sessions, have it tested with real users before presenting and handing the solution to you on the last day of the Sprint.

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Session 1
problem finding

Identify the challenges, critical issues, prioritize problems.

Session 2
strategic ideation

Reframe challenges as opportunities, ideate solutions, prioritize ideas.

Session 3
product Analysis & development

Have experts build a prototype and map out the exact flow for the user experience.

Session 4
expert & market insights

Have the prototype tested with real users, gain insights from the market and clients perspectives.

Session 5
solution Delivery

Receive a validated solution and have it presented to decision makers & stakeholders.

Follow-up implementation

Get strategic support and guidance to keep moving forward and to track your ROI.

Our expertise & skills


Corporate, Business, Contracts, IP, Digital GDPR/LGDP/POPIA, Insurance, Privacy Compliance, Finances, Tax, Litigation, ADR, and Entertainment.


Legal UX and UX Design, User Experience, Information Design, Contract Design, UI Design, Digital Growth Marketing and Plain Language.


Digital transformation, Culture change and Change management specializing in Legal, Governance, Risk Compliance, and Procurement.


Legal Engineering and software development. using Automation, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain for Contracts, Legal Ops and Compliance.

& Go-to-market strategies!

maximize impact

Get access to an exclusive and personalized online portal for your team and your clients to learn, engage and stay motivated throughout the Sprint.

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Founder/CEO Legal Creatives


Customer Success Legal Creatives

Case study #1

OneclickNDA App

Web app developed by Gotan Design in our network of experts which enables Startups & SMEs to start collaborating with investors and futur clients while protecting their confidential information, in just a few clicks.

Case study #2

OneclickNDA App

Web app developed by Gotan Design in our network of experts which enables Startups & SMEs to start collaborating with investors and futur clients while protecting their confidential information, in just a few clicks.

Case study #3

A tool for Compilance

The Sprint guided the General Counsel of this multinational tech company in the creation of a new workflow designed in a new digital tool. The tool allows stakeholders to complete corporate tasks faster, making governance & legal work easier.

Case study #4

virtual sprint

One of our latest Virtual Sprint with 11 professionals from Europe, South America & Africa to improve commercial contracting. This diverse team was guided to build a robust action plan for coding contracts and using Legal Design methods for contract monitoring.

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