Creativity is the New Law. Here's how!

We bring together lawyers, in-house counsels, startup founders,  and community organizations eager to reinvent the way law is practiced and to deliver an attractive, engaging and outstanding experience to users of legal services and products.

This creative journey to develop and implement innovative solutions requires clarity and bravery in action. The Legal Creatives community is here to support you, celebrate you, and encourage you to become thought-leaders, catalysts for change and influencers at your law firm, within your organization and in society.

We believe in the power of community. We believe in the power of connexions and sharing with like-minded people. We believe success comes from thinking bold and daring to challenge the statu quo. We believe creativity is bravery in action. And this is why we believe in celebrating together the success you will have on this creative journey.

How it all started. 

The Legal Creatives was created in July 2017; it was pre-launched in August 2017 in New York on the occasion of the ABA Annual Congress. One month later, Legal Creatives was selected by the Web Summit for its incredible potential for impact and growth. It was featured in November 2017 at the biggest tech conference in the world, where it was formally launched November 2017 in Lisbon.

Tessa Manuello (@tessamanuello), instigated Legal Creatives out of a desire to reimagine the legal experience and deliver a better access to justice through creativity. Before starting Legal Creatives, Tessa carried a worldwide research on access to justice and noticed the potential of creativity to bring hands-on solutions to the challenges in the industry.

In 2016, she gathered hundreds of legal professionals and law students for a creative event series in Montreal Canada, featuring speakers and refreshingly new ideas. And now she is leading this global movement across the entire world.

Today, Legal Creatives is the one-stop platform for all legal creators and innovators worldwide. Join them: Learn how to capture and generate value; Watch our interviews and talks; Listen to the podcast;  Read our articles on the blog.


Get creative in a legal context now.


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