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Think like a Legal Designer, create your Mindmap and design your building block action plan to achieve your dream objectives.

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3 Reasons to Join this Online Course

Create your mindmap for your career

Use mindmap technique and tools to plan your project in Legal Design, reflect on your career choices, and plan next actions. Gain insights as you lay out your goals with us.

Gain confidence with Design Tools

This program is adaptable to your own needs and objectives. As you learn and apply the ind map method, you gain clarity on your objectives, and confidence using design tools.

Join a global community of professionals

Share with a community of like-minded professionals around the world and build a strong network. Join from home or office, wherever you are in the world. 

Make sure you aren’t putting your goals and dreams on pause. 

This is the perfect time to reflect on your legal career and build a path of that brigs more meaning with Legal Design. Join this design jam to mindmap your next steps. Measure progress and track success with the Coaching Bundle. For any question, send us an email at [email protected]

Testimonials and Comments

Here is what previous participants say about their Experience with us!

"I found the mind map excellent! I will use it again ;)"- Lawyer - Duty to Passion Participant (Sweden)

"Thanks for sharing with us your knowledge!" Anthony, Academy 2.0 Founding Member (Brazil)

"I had such a great time!" -  Antonella, Academy 2.0 Founding Member (Peru)

"I learnt how to take action!" Lawyer - Duty to Passion Participant (France)

"There is a lot to study and to do! Dream the future and build it together, to lead us further!" Lawyer - Duty to Passion Participant

Learn with Tessa Manuello, Founder & CEO of Legal Creatives

Internationally acclaimed Speaker, recognized as one of the world's leading experts in Legal Design. Author of the world's first course in Creativity at a Law School, Tessa is regularly invited to deliver keynotes on innovation, disruption and creativity to legal professionals worldwide.

Find Tessa's full Bio on LinkedIn.

Kick-start your Legal Design Career

Map your future plans today and create a solid action plan to achieve you objectives faster!  

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