Advanced Facilitation Program
in Legal Creatives Design


12 Modules

Listen to the lessons, read the material and engage with the facilitators learning community.

6 Live Coaching

Get individual sessions with your assigned coach to customize your learning experience to your objectives.

1 Facilitation

Join your Lead Instructor in a city near you for a one-day Masterclass co-facilitation and feedback session.

Course Overview

Successful leaders and innovators today could not have achieved outstanding results, without adopting advanced facilitation skills. Facilitation, besides an art, it’s actually a science. With this training, you will learn the Legal Creatives facilitation techniques that have worked to serve and convince our niche audience. You will learn the theory behind the successful Legal Creatives practice and how to create conditions that favor a collaborative problem-solving approach in groups. These facilitation principles are in the fabric of the Legal Creatives leardership and community and will help you, in turn, be recognized as an outstanding facilitator, seen as a leader and an influencer.

Complete the 3-Step training
and become a Certified Facilitator 

Investment: USD$ 1480
Timeline: 8 Weeks

Payment plans available

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12 admissions available
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Program kick-off:
February 18th, 2020

Learn with Tessa Manuello

Tessa Manuello is the founder and CEO of Legal Creatives, and an internationally recognized speaker considered as one of the leading experts in legal design in the world. In addition to teaching Creativity at Sherbrooke Law School (Canada), she is regularly invited to lecture, train and speak to share her knowledge with the legal public worldwide. Tessa guides her reflections and research on topics such as innovation, disruption and the insertion of creativity in the design of legal services.

Get Tessa's best kept-secrets for facilitation

Prepare yourself to co-facilitate a Legal Creatives Masterclass along with your Lead Instructor, Tessa Manuello. Tessa has taught 20+ Masterclasses in the last 10 months, and gave 40+ keynotes on the topics of creativity, Innovation and Disruption. When co-facilitating with Tessa, you will be using everything you have learnt throughout the Facilitators program, such as creative techniques and practical activities. You will be evaluated on your ability to communicate the content, engage the audience and on your capacity to lead the group using advanced facilitation techniques.

Exponentiate your Potential with your Assigned Coach and Learning Circles

In addition to the lessons, the material and the activities, your lead instructor will customize your learning experience to your objectives and experience by way of private sessions. Also, the learning circles led by one of our team member will be perfect for you to reflect on the course material, exchange with other participants, and share about your activities practice. These circles will be of great value to spark insightful discussions on the topics tackled in the course. Plus, you get continuous support from your assigned coach that will ensure you get the experience of your lifetime with us. 

Establish yourself as an authority in Legal Design and sought-after expert worldwide.

Access content, strategies and methods to help you achieve the career you aim for with the freedom you've always dreamt to have ...


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