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Next Certification Training: February 12-13th and 24-25th 2021, Online
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The Legal Creatives Framework helps create iconic products really fast. Becoming a Certified Expert ensures you’ll deliver top advice and service that gets outstanding results for your clients. 

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The Legal Creatives Expert Certification helps you stand out. You’ll spend more time doing projects you actually enjoy doing for clients and charge more because they appreciate your value.

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Add Legal Creatives certification to your repertoire of trainings and services. Legal Creatives certification will increase your value in the marketplace, internationally.

Next Certification Training:
February 12-13th & 24-25th 2021

Online from 9AM-1PM New York Time


What You Get with Your Certification

Legal Creatives Certified Experts receive exclusive training and support as part of the certification program.

4 half-day Live Certification Training with Practice

All Legal Design Templates and Frameworks

Access to our Legal Design Marketing & Influence Online Course

Be listed as a Legal Design Expert on the App to be visible on the marketplace

Access to the Experts Community to get support and find opportunities


How Does the Expert Certification Work?

Whether you want to become a legal design consultant, enhance value to your existing business, or add personal value within a large organization, the Legal Creatives Certified Program will get you where you want to go. 

Legal Creatives has quickly become one of the most trusted names in legal design. Created by Legal Design pioneer Tessa Manuello, Legal Creatives has helped more than 1,500 leaders in the legal market bring value to their clients and to their organization. 

Legal Creatives is certifying a select number of professionals each year. A Legal Creatives Certified Expert can consult with law firms, legal departments and public institutions to help them bring value through legal design and create strategies and products that works. Legal Creatives will help you learn our framework, consult with clients and, if you want, turn your consulting into an independent business.

To become a Legal Creatives Certified Expert:
1. Fill out our Online Application to be selected.
2. Receive a 4 half-day virtual training with exclusive support.
3. Get to work building or enhancing your legal design business.

Next Certification Training:

February 12-13th and 24-25th 2021
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February 12-13th & 24-27th, 2021 

Online from 9AM-1PM New York Time

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