Learn how to Design Legal Services that are customer-centric, efficient and deeply satisfying - all at the same time!

If you're looking to build a deeply fulfilling legal career, make a shift to Legal Design & Innovation, or want to achieve your next level with the most powerful innovation methodology - then the Legal Design Pro Immersion is for you.

You'll get an in-depth look at Legal Design mindsets, methods, and techniques, and you'll get the templates and worksheets so you can confidently design legal information, services and organisations that are truly customer-centric.

You'll also have a unique opportunity to apply what you'll learn during the program, so by the end of the Immersion, you will be perfectly confident to re-apply what you have learned with us, systematically in your practice.

Starts on Thursday, February 23rd, 2023 πŸ“† πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰At 9:00 am ET (Eastern Standard Time - New York Time Zone) with the Opening Ceremony πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ 


Learn how to Design Legal Services that are customer-centric, efficient and deeply satisfying - all at the same time!

If you're looking to build a deeply fulfilling legal career, make a shift to Legal Design & Innovation, or want to achieve your next level with the most powerful innovation methodology - then the Legal Design Pro Immersion is for you.

You'll get an in-depth look at Legal Design mindsets, methods, and techniques, and you'll get the templates and worksheets so you can confidently design legal information, services and organisations that are truly customer-centric.

You'll also have a unique opportunity to apply what you'll learn during the program, so by the end of the Immersion, you will be perfectly confident to re-apply what you have learned with us, systematically in your practice.

Starts on Thursday, February 23th, 2023 πŸ“† At 9:00 am ET (Eastern Standard Time - New York Time Zone) with the Opening Ceremony πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰


A practice that uses Legal Design is far more successful, predictable and profitable than one that doesn't 

Design has never been more important in the legal profession. The days of the dense blocks of text in legal documents are falling off. In their place are more modern ways of transmitting legal information and delivering legal services that delight clients. If you're a legal professionnal who wants to stay relevant, also be more valued for your services, then you need to learn about Legal Design. That's where the Legal Design Pro Immersion comes in. 

helps you serve your clients in a way that massively increases satisfaction for your clients and eliminates a lot more stress for you. By simply re-designing what you're already doing, you instantly give your legal practice a tremendous competitive advantage while at the same time future-proof your legal career. 

This immersion course will teach you everything you need to know about this design (r)evolution and how you can take advantage of it, today. Don't miss out – Register today to be part of the Immersion Experience!

It's more efficient, satisfying and successful to design a modern legal practice
- all at the same time!

The Financial Times recently highlighted law firms and legal departments that are building a design-led approach to work and communicate with their customers.

The Financial Times also recently brought light to the many legal departments that are using a Legal Design approach to better serve their internal clients.

Various publications also highlight the outstanding work done by institutions worldwide using Legal Design making legal information more accessible, increasing the effectiveness of legal communication, access to justice, and comprehensibility of the law.

In some countries, even the judiciary are officially used and encouraging all stakeholders to use Legal Design, such as the US, the UK, France and Brazil.

Why did they all make the move to design? 

Because they realized that they could use a systematic approach to better serve their customers and at the same time start doing 21st-century law.

They saw the opportunity of using this proven framework to increase their relevancy on the market, create more meaningful relationships with their clients, and communicate more effectively and with more clarity.

They also realized they could use it as a structured process to drive change within their organizations, streamline their legal operations and lead the digital transformation with the adoption of new technologies.

By using this systematic approach, law firms, legal departments and public institutions can bring more value to their clients and give citizens a more humanized experience of the law.

But Legal Design is not just for big law or large organizations! Even small and medium law firms are able to leverage the design (r)evolution! Some of these medium and small law firms are even able to outperform their bigger competitors who are not yet using this methodology. We've seen so many solo practitioners and small and medium law firms move ahead of the curve, just because of the fact that they have adopted and implemented a systematic approach to better serve their customers. 

And we've helped many of them do just that all around the world ... 

Legal Design is the most effective way to take your legal practice to the next level, be more customer-centric and also future-proof your legal career - All at the same time  ... 

What if you don't adapt?

We are in the midst of what I call:

"The Design (r)evolution in Law" 

 In this fast-changing world, there are no rewards for those who fear embracing change and prefer to do "business as usual". Without adapting to modern ways of communicating and interacting with customers, legal professionals who decide to stay with the old ways of doing things will get less relevant and less valuable...

You and I both know that legal demands from customers won't stop and that not having clear strategies to help you systematically delight your customers are going to have a negative impact.

Your legal practice is going to suffer. And it's going to affect your performance, your well-being and frankly speaking your revenues too. Fortunately, there is a solution and that's what the Design (r)evolution is all about.

So, why now is the perfect time to onboard on the Design (r)evolution in Law?

This Design (r)evolution combined with the rise of modern and agile legal business models and new forms of communication for legal information means professionals like you and I are able to find unparalleled opportunities for our growth, while at the same time find more meaning and fulfillment in the way we interact and serve our customers. The way legal information is communicated and legal services delivered is changing and it's for the best for all parties involved! 

So, why now is the perfect time to onboard on the Design (r)evolution in Law?

This Design (r)evolution combined with the rise of modern and agile legal business models and new forms of communication for legal information means professionals like you and I are able to find unparalleled opportunities for our growth, while at the same time find more meaning and fulfillment in the way we interact and serve our customers. The way legal information is communicated and legal services delivered is changing and it's for the best for all parties involved! 

Hi there! I'm Tessa

Since 2013, I've been working intimately at the intersection of law and design, empowering thousands of legal professionals to take advantage of the Design (r)evolution.

As the former case manager of one of the world's most reputable international arbitration institutions in Paris (powering over 27,000 cases), I have experienced first hands the challenge of keeping up with high demands and expectations from clients.

Sooner than later, I discovered the existence of an innovative and proven methodology for innovation in Toronto, and that was the time the Legal Future initiatives started to blossom all around the world,  and becoming a hybrid professional made me glimpse much more than that traditionalist world I previously was in.

And today, as the Founder of Legal Creatives, through this Course I want to share a little bit with you about how we can make a difference in the legal market.

My secret lab produced an important discovery

Based on my academic research, and the plethora of keynotes and courses I gave all around the world, I discovered there were really two groups of legal professionals ... 

The Over-Stressed & Under-Valued Legal Professional

The Successful & Valued Modern Legal Professional

Needless to say, I paid attention to the Successful and Fulfilled Modern Legal Professional and observed firsthand the exact strategies they were using to consistently build a thriving and deeply satisfying legal practice that delight clients and turn their practice more known and visible in the marketplace.

I tested my discoveries

After years of research, experiments, and tests, I started to share what I have learned over the years with legal professionals from all around the world. 

I decided to travel to meet them wherever they were, in all of the Americas, North to South, but also in Europe and the Nordics, while working remotely with legal professionals from the rest of the world in Africa, Asia, and in Oceania. 

I wanted to take everything I had learned and help them apply that so they would find more purpose and satisfaction in their way of practicing the law with their customers. I shared my research in Keynotes and one-day Masterclasses across the world, and the results were very solid. 

Then, I started to carefully walk legal professionals through the practice of Contract Design and Legal Service Design and that's when we had legal professionals take action and build tangible outcomes for themselves: Contracts their client love, business models their partners love, and more satisfaction in their career as legal professionals!

I've been helping legal professionals working in every legal field in 50+ countries on all continents:

Business, Corporate, Tax, Banking, Compliance, Privacy, Contracts, Intellectual Property Rights and Trademarks, Labor Law, Social Security Law, Litigation, International Law, Real Estate, Gaming & Tech, Web3 Law, Entertainment & Fashion law, Social Media Law, Health, Environment, Human rights, but also Mediation, Family and more.

The results proved the Legal Design framework as we teach it could be applied to any specific field of Law, in any specific jurisdiction, to achieve specific goals such as increasing accessibility of the law, comprehension gains, speed of negotiation, reduction of workloads at the courts, integration of tech, digital transformation and more.

I've had the opportunity to interact with legal professionals from all fields and jurisdictions and turn their services into something their clients value more. Wheher it's the way they communicate legal and contractual information or the way they deliver the service, it works! In fact, it works so well that many got awards and prizes for their work. 

Many of the professionals who learn with us received international awards and recognition for their innovation and excellence. That's because the way we teach the methodology is so powerful.

Through it all, I've discovered the important nuances in the application of this methodology that make a BIG difference between the ones that struggle using it and the ones that thrive.  

And the results speak for themselves...


She falls in love with the methodology and decides to launch her Legal Design agency in addition to her existing IP legal practice! 

He becomes the legal innovator in residence at fastest growing legal tech in Canada where he launched the Fractional GC concept!

She created a contract design and worked on litigation design and earned an international award for her Excellence and innovation!


He leverages Legal Design to help public servants be more efficient in delivering services to the public and reducing the access to justice gap! 

She digitized the virtual legal clinic to onboard customers faster and as a result, are now also more visible to potential new clients! 

He applied the methodology to create new construction terms its clients love and wins an award for his outstanding innovative work!

And there are many more!

The point is, with the right framework and system you can leverage the Legal Design framework methodologies to apply to any objectives you have for your legal practice and career. We teach you exactly what you need to know and do to go from where you are to where you want to be with Legal Design.

And now, I'd like to share the Legal Design Pro Immersion Experience with you

This is not just a basic and cheap course where you end up not using the material and hence not seeing any kind of results ...  This is a serious and well-designed course that is a must-have for any legal professional interested in delivering better legal information and services to their cients.

Even if you have 0 prior knowledge, you will gain clarity right from the start as to how the methodology works and how you can use it in your practice, so you can build momentum quickly.

That's why I developed The Legal Design Pro Immersion Experience for you!

This Pro Immersion Experience is especially relevant if ...

πŸ’₯πŸ’₯  You are not feeling valued for your hard work by clients, although you're giving your 100%, they seem to not get it. And it's frustrating you for sure give the huge amount of work you do ... 

😬😬 Your clients want more with less and you are feeling stressed and may be overwhelmed because you are not entirely sure how to meet their demands and expectations. 

🚨🚨 You fear competition is already affecting your practice and bottom line you are clueless as to how to keep up with the new trends and the new tech that every law firm start to incorporate right now.

πŸ“š You've heard about Legal Design and you may even have read some articles but have not really had a chance to think about how you could use it and so you'd like to have some guidance so you can use what you already know and practice what you've learned in the books πŸ˜‰

πŸ’‘You are curious to discover all the possibilities available with Legal Design and want some clarity as to how to use it in practice, so you can get some tangible benefits by working on the way you communicate legal communication, and serve your customers πŸŒŸπŸŒŸπŸŒŸ

🀩 You are excited to dive deeper into Legal Design as a concept and want to experience it firsthand so, by the end of the immersion, you can design better contracts, customer experiences, and even workflows ... so you can achieve your next level in your legal practice and career πŸš€

The Legal Design Pro
Immersion Experience can help!

As legal professionals, you and I have a HUGE opportunity to create a lasting impact in this world - and it's the reason that I am so passionate about this work. This is the reason why I created The Legal Design Pro Immersion Experience. 

βœ… Use a more modern way of communicating legal information with visuals even with 0 design skills and without losing legal precision.

βœ… Improve customer experiences and streamline workflows by understanding the customer's journey pain points, and implementing practical solutions.

βœ… Eager to lead and support the digital transformation in the legal sector and work with the adoption, integration, and development of new technologies.

βœ… Future-proof their legal career and practice with modern, proven, and repeatable methodologies for the transformation of legal services.

Did you say yes to one or more of these questions? Then the Immersion program is for you. You'll get the content and the support you need, and at the same time integrate a vibrant and global network of like-minded professionals that also aim to satisfy clients with deliverables and services with the Legal Design methodology. 

With the Legal Design Pro Immersion, you'll get the content and the support you need to achieve your goals and objectives! 🀩


So what is The Legal Design Pro Immersion Experience?

The Pro Immersion Experience is a five-module training program that gives you the clarity and confidence to launch, grow and scale the best Legal Design practices available today.

We have intentionally designed this experience for you to gain clarity and momentum right from the start, and be comfortable maintaining that momentum throughout the entire program, even with 0 Design skills!

The Pro Immersion Experience is a five-module course experience and by the end of the program, you will have learned how to:

1️⃣ Communicate legal information effectively in contracts, policies, notices, and also memorandums to submit to the courts or arbitration.

2️⃣ Design delightful customer experiences by offering an excellent service that meets both the spoken and unspoken needs of clients, whether it involves new technologies or not.

3️⃣ Use a proven and repeatable process that allows you to drive change while at the same time bringing more connection to clients and more fulfillment in your legal practice.


The Pro Immersion Journey

This course is designed to take you through the Legal Design process one step at a time and help you discover the foundational Legal Design elements and practical applications with opportunities to practice so you can use what you will be learning in the program. By the end of it acquire a repeatable process you can use again and again and again on future projects.

Here's What You Get With The Pro Immersion Experience

The Pro Immersion Experience officially
Starts on Thursday, 
February 23rd, 2023 πŸ“† 

Specifically, this Pro Immersion Experience is based on a strong foundation 
PLUS the core modules for long-term success using the theory in practice.


Your Foundational Legal Design Strategy


βœ… Instant access to the Introduction Guidebook linking the theory and the practical applications of Legal Design which, regardless of your field of practice, will provide you tremendous clarity as to how you can use the methodology and how it can benefit you and your organization.

βœ… Proven techniques you can use to start a project using Legal Design and how to choose the one that's best for you, your team and your organization depending on the circumstances and objectives. 

βœ… A powerful self-assessment to help you get momentum as you start your Legal Design Pro Immersion Experience.

 This is your foundational module, where you will learn the origins of Legal Design, and the theoretical frameworks, and see the different ways to use Legal Design in practice, with real-life examples,  which are all essentials for understanding and practicing the methodology. I'll walk you through a team-building activity during our live practice round, sharing some of the best practices to start a Legal Design project when it comes to aligning stakeholders and team members. PLUS I will share with you the templates and SOPs (standard operating procedures) so you can confidently run this activity again and again with your team.


Your Legal Design UX Research Strategy


βœ… How to build trust with customers and users quickly and change the narrative from being risk-averse to open to listening which will virtually guarantee your solution is going to be a huge success. 

βœ… A powerful list of 10 questions to use with customers and users with more advanced questions you can use, to identify the main problems your customers and/or users experience in relation to a typical legal issue you're wanting to solve or a topic you want to address for them. 

βœ… An effective framework built on top of neuroscience research to help you identify the most crucial unmet needs of your customers and the strategies to develop in the next phase to maximize your success.

 This is about you doing the research that then makes it easy to design and deliver a solution that your customers will love to buy from you. I'll show you exactly how to structure your research so that you can optimize your resources and still get the important insights you need to move forward in this process. For this reason, you'll receive Guidebooks and Worksheets. I'll even walk you through a powerful tool you can use to scale your Legal Design research with speed and ease.  And we'll do practice rounds so you can experiment the user interviews with your peers taking the program.


Your Innovation Strategy


βœ… Hands-on ideation techniques to help you think creatively on your feet. Why is it important? Because Legal Design is all about differentiating yourself from others, and creativity helps you achieve that. There are many techniques that can be used, however, a few techniques are very effective and that is exactly what we will be sharing in the program.

βœ… The mathematic formula for creativity and how to structure your brainstorming sessions, mistakes to avoid, and best practices so you can build up your innovation potential and capacities.

βœ… How to effortlessly move from ideation to action plan, so you ensure your work is productive and on topic.

 This is your strategy for getting innovative, developing competitive advantages by doing things differently, experimenting the new, and growing outside your comfort zone - that's where the magic happens! When it comes to ideation, there are a million things you can do. In the Guidebook and Worksheets you'll receive, I'm going to cut through the clutter and share with you the scientifically proven and most effective brainstorming strategies that you need to ideate and find new ways to communicate, deliver the service and distinguish yourself from competitors. You will receive the Templates and Guidelines so you can confidently re-use these techniques with your team and in your organization. 


Your Visualization Strategy


βœ… The tools you can use to visualize your ideas and materialize them into tangible solutions. You will learn how to use them more effectively, in no time, even with 0 design skills.

βœ… A powerful list of best practices to ensure visuals are going to be professional, even if you are new to design. Plus you will receive a set of templates 100% editable in Word, PowerPoint, and Canva to make that task even easier and faster.

βœ… Different ways to prototype that fit all ranges of budgets and also the best practices when working with designers to help you on a project, so if you'd like to outsource the design part we've got you covered. Plus we have many designers in our community ready to help! 

We'll cover the most effective strategies you can use to simulate the real product - whether its' a new contract design or a new service workflow for example and think about your solutions in a different way with zero development effort. Because this stage all about designing an optimal experience for your target customers and users, we have put everything in place so you can maximize your success and start the next and last module with confidence so you can launch and scale! 


Your Launch & Scale Strategy


βœ… There is just one way to get it right: It's to test and iterate as quickly as you can on your solution. That's why we'll dive into usability testing, metrics, and KPIs to help you scientifically measure your outcomes. 

βœ… The simple 4-part feedback matrix to use for any user tests, and how to calculate the tangible ROI of your solution, with precision, whether you have created a new contract, policy, terms of use, or even service workflow, or tech tool.

βœ…The best practices to scale the Legal Design process and methodology, and help your team operate the mindset shift and drive change based on customer-centricity using Legal Design.

We'll cover in the Guidebook & Worksheets the KPIs to use and what strategies to apply to show the Return on Investment ROI of Legal Design, based on NEW trends, the latest research, and empirical studies. In this module, we get into the geeky and nerdy specifics of executing the most effective way to conduct and plan user tests to collect the data you need to validate and demonstrate you've done a great job using this methodology in practice!  That's exactly why we'll have you practice this bit with your peers!

Upon Competion of the Immersion Activities, you'll also receive ...

Your Legal Design Certification


βœ… It demonstrates that you have obtained a certain level of mastery in the field and that your skillset is highly honed. 

βœ… It also shows your clients and employer that you are serious about your new skillset and eager to provide them with the best service.

βœ… Getting the certification gives you a competitive advantage over your peers who don't have one. 

When certified, you receive a Certificate with your full name and an Academic NFT. This Professional Certification is valid for a period of 3 years. Why 3 years? Legal Design keeps evolving and the certification should reflect state-of-the-art knowledge in the field. After that initial period, you can validate your continuing education by attending events, webinars, and workshops or decide to take the Legal Design Pathway which will count towards the renewal of your certification after 3 years.


And Get These Incredible Bonuses 

 We want you to have everything you need to succeed and you know we love to take care of you. That's why I'm also including some  foundational and advanced materials as Bonuses


Elective Lessons & Worksheets in Legal Information & Service Design $697 

In addition to the foundational elements of the Legal Design methodology, you will get access to elective lessons on Legal Information and Service Design for each of the Modules.

These elective lessons help you apply the methodology in a specific manner for redesigning legal information or service workflows (or both!). 

This means you have the flexibility to go as deep and as wide as you want, depending on your areas of interest.

This Bonus will be released during the Legal Design Pro Immersion Experience so you go as deep and as wide as you need or want βœ…


Visual Law Mega Pack: 100% editable Templates in Word,  PowerPoint and Canva $497 

These templates are one of the fastest and easiest ways to shift gears and start using sleek and modern layout for your legal documents, as well as the right colors, icons and fonts. 

During this bonus, I will walk you through ho to edit and save these documents in the format of your choice. These templates are 100% editable so you can easily use them with your own colors and logos. In fact, the amount of time you will save with these is worth so much more - it's priceless! 

This Bonus will be released during the Legal Design Pro Immersion Experience with the Visualization Module βœ…


Community and Private Discussion Groups $397  

The power of community when learning new skills and taking the Legal Design Pro Immersion is an invaluable asset. By being part of a group, you not only benefit from the knowledge, experience and connection of others but also gain a sense of belonging and community that can truly support your journey.

Get Instant Access When You Enroll βœ…

Total Value: $3588 USD 

For the Immersion Courses And Bonuses

$397 USD Today 

Then 5 payments of $397 USD for The Pro Immersion Experience


Pay in Full to Save $385 USD + Get a Special Bonus πŸŽ 

A 1-1 Strategy session to define Your Legal Design Success Markers + KPIs so you can have maximum clarity right from the start!

Use Our Access for All Program That ensures Country Parity

Our aim is to offer inclusive access to our platform and program for all, regardless of their geographical location and currency. We are committed to creating a very diverse community within our ecosystem by fostering inclusionary practices in our training offerings. 

Professionals enrolling in the course can get Fair or Just access depending on their country of residence. We rely on the World Bank GDP per Capita to calculate the applicable discounts. We may ask for proof of residency to validate the eligibility for the Access for All Program. Use the coupon FAIRACCESS if you are residing in a middle-income country or the coupon JUSTACCESS if you are residing in a low-income country to receive your applicable discount. 

 If you have any questions or concerns about the course just email us. We're happy to help: [email protected]


Money Back Guarantee

Try The Pro Immersion Experience and if you don't like it or feel you won't get any results, we'll refund you entirely within the first 15 days of your purchase.

Try the Immersion 100% Risk-Free βœ… 

The refund is available within the first 15 days of making your purchase. Why 15 days It gives you a sufficient amount of time to know if you feel the program is a good fit for you.

When you enroll you'll get instant access to material on the platform, so you'll know if you like it, or not. That way, you can opt out of the program and get your refund. 

The Pro Immersion
Experience officially
Starts on 
February 23rd, 2023 πŸ“† 


🚨 But Fair warning πŸš¨

Registrations will be Closing on February 23rd, 2023

❌ Passed this date, no new participants can join the program. 

βœ… There is a specific reason we close registrations. This program has been intentionally designed for you to build clarity and momentum right from the start; And to guide you through the methodology during the program.

If we accept late registrations, you would miss out on a ton of value right from the start. We want you to have the best experience and for that reason, we need to close registrations. 

πŸ‘‰ So just like a college or university, enrollment is only open for a short period of time. Then we shift gears to focus on delivering you the best experience, and support, and helping you use the material you'll learn during the course so you can get benefits as you take the course with us. 

And since the Immersion is delivered once a year only, that's why it's important you know that the registration period ends atAt 9:00 am ET (Eastern Standard Time - New York Time Zone) with the Opening Ceremony πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ You must register before to be accepted to the program.


How does the Pro Immersion Experience Work?

All the course materials, downloads and instructions are provided on our platform inside the member's area. You will be receiving instantly a login when you enroll so you can access the instantly available Bonuses and start your journey. When the course officially starts, you will be able to follow along and learn at your own pace after each module is released. 

Each Module is comprised of several short video lessons, downloadable audio versions, transcripts, and lessons summaries - so no matter how you like to learn - we have you covered.

We also have interactive live sessions that help you practice everything you've learned, which helps integrate your learnings, practice the theory and retain information better.

You also receive Guidebooks that we have prepared to help you put into practice all the theory. They're super actionable, which means you can re-use them easily whenever you need to.

You also receive Worksheets we have prepared to help you put into practice the theory. They're some of the most appreciated tools, and the great thing is that you can re-use these Worksheets whenever you need to.

This immersion has a certification process in place, so when you complete the activities you'll be Certified as a Legal Design Professional. We can't wait to celebrate your graduation together at the Closing Ceremony!

You Will be Supported the Entire Time!

During the Pro Immersion Experience, you will learn step-by-step about a proven system to be customer-centric, more efficient and more fulfilled in yiur legal practice.

After years of training extensively in this field, I know it's very natural to have questions. That's why we've gone great lengths to support you through the whole course experience 

You'll get ...

Q&As Sessions

Hosted on Zoom after each module is released on the platform.

Live Practice Rounds

For each step of the process so you can practice the techniques you learn in the Course.

Review Calls

For consolidating the Theory & Practice, also critique and feedback.

Plus you'll access our private community hub to receive additional support, find more resources, and interact and network with other participants.

This is about helping you build massive momentum ... and I'm not going to let any questions stop you from getting results. 

So, as you go through the Pro Immersion Experience material, questions will pop up. But we've put all the tools, resources, and people in place to help you get the clarity you need for applying everything you are learning. 

You can always ask your questions in private channels in our Hub and you'll get quasi-instant answers. You will also be able to tap into the wisdom of like-minded professionals practicing in different areas of law, from different backgrounds, all with similar objectives as you. Our Hub is hosted on Circle, a wonderful and easy--to-use tool where you can see the Immersion schedule, RSVP to the sessions, and meet other professionals without social media distractions. You'll get instant access when you register for the Immersion program.

Imagine being able to connect with other professionals and sharing best practices. From novices who are just getting started, to seasoned expert practitioners in Legal Design, you'll find strategic advice, tips, and resources by interacting with other profesionals who work in-house, in law firms, or even solo attorneys with the same interests and very similar objectives. The networking that happens in the Immersion is unparalleled, genuine, and truly global! The connections you will be building wil stay with you far beyond the immersion. 

Everything you need will be at your fingertips

As soon as you register for the Immersion Program Experience, you'll get instant access to our community hub and its private channels so you can start interacting and meeting other professionals who will be learning with you. 

The Pro Immersion Course is based on my involvement in working with legal professionals from all around the world. It's based on my real-life experience coaching every single day for the past years more than 4000 legal professionals how to use this proven methodology effectively, with success

You will be walked through the entire methodology so you can learn how to use it in practice to:

1️⃣ Communicate legal information effectively

in your contracts, policies, notices, and even memorandums to submit to the courts or arbitration

 2️⃣ Design better customer experiences 

when by working on using the methodology. to design better workflows, so you can offer a delightful experience to your clients.

  3️⃣ Future-proof your legal career and practice

that will make you feel deeply fulfilled, energized and connected to your clients and future.

The course is based on the hundreds and hundreds of hours I spend every year researching at a deep and practical level and the experience I have acquired training more than 4000 legal professionals from all legal fields, all around the world.

You will get the exact strategies and ideas you need to to outperform your competitors, build a truly customer-centric legal practice, and a more effective way to communicate legal information - all at the same time!

And the best part, I'm going to be with you every step of the way throughout your Pro Immersion Experience.

Who is this for?

Legal professionals from corporate legal departments, law firms, courts, public institutions and more dealing with or interested in implementing Legal Design, Legal Innovation, Legal Operations, Legal Tech, Legal Transformation, Contract Administration, Change Management, Technology Strategy, Client Solution & Others.

Let me ask you a few questions to help you decide if this is for you ... 

🀝 Do you want to acquire proven strategies to help connect more meaningfully with your customers?

πŸ“„ Do you want to bring clarity to complexity whenever it comes to communicating legal information?

πŸš€ Are you working or interested to start working with legal innovation strategies such as digital transformation or adoption of new technologies?

What you will be learning in the proven will be highly relevant to help you achieve just that. You will learn new skills that will make you even more relevant, and distinguish yourself from the competition.

The strategies you will be learning will also empower to drive change and innovation within your organization, and at the same time benefit, they will directly your customers in a meaningful manner.

I know that everything is possible with the right strategy, the right support, and total focus and commitment, then this is for you.

What is a proven and repeatable process to bring more value to your clients and at the same time make you more relevant in the marketplace worth to you and your firm? 

Let's talk about the ROI of Legal Design and real value of the Pro Immersion Experience, its tuition, and how valuable this course will be for you.

The ROI - Return on Investment - of using the design methodology in projects can be up to 200%. What is it worth to your business and career?

🀩 Legal Design offers a proven an repeatable process to solve some of the biggest challenges the legal profession face today. It makes legal professionals more relevant in the eye of their clients, and make their practice more attractive to new talents.  When applied on a per-project based, the methodology can give up to 200% ROI - Return on investment. During the immersion, you'll be able to use your learnings to work on your practice, whether it's the redesign of a legal document, clients memorandums,  or improving your legal ops. We're here to support you all the way throughout your Immersion so you can get results. 

What is it worth to your clients?

🀩 Imagine having a structured framework to think about ways you can improve your customer experience, when you deliver legal information or provide a legal service. The framework we teach is robust: Not only it's anchored in academic research but it's also very practical so you can use everything you will be learning right away. This makes the immersion absolutely unique, since you will be getting a chance to practice and implement your learnings as you go through the program. 

What is it worth to your legacy?

🀩 If you are driven by impact then look no further, this immersion will the many possibilities you have with the Legal Design methodology so you can build a practice that is far more impactful, use a repeatable process to deliver massive value to your customers, while at the same time make you feel more fulfilled and excited every single in your legal career.

All of that becomes possible when you have a proven, reliable, and repeatable process - That's exactly what we teach in the Pro Immersion Experience. 

And I'm going to be with you during the entire time during the Pro Immersion Experience. I have intentionally designed the curriculum so you can learn and implement this highly effective methodology to advance your legal career and practice.

This Immersion is not a cheap recorded course with basic material. It's a world-class program with a certification process, which means that we have everything in place to ensure you're actively learning, and implementing, so you can get results during the program itself. 

The kind of results you will get with the Pro Immersion Experience is obviously priceless.

You do have options,
but only one makes sense

If you think about all the other ways that you can learn this methodology ... 

Let me explain ...

πŸ“š If you take a DIY approach instead but this means you would have to be learning by yourself, without being able to practice, without receiving any kind of support, and without someone walking you through the entire process. You will very easily miss some important aspects of the methodology. At the Immersion, not only do you get the live walk-through and the support, but you also receive the worksheets and templates so you can apply the methodology with confidence.

🏫 You could decide to start learning design, whether its the design of visuals or the design thinking approach. This means investing at least 2 to 3 years in a design education which will end up costing tens of thousands of dollars and in the end having to translate al the concepts you will learn for the law. We've done this work for you so you don't have to waste hundreds of hours trying to figure out how to make sense of these foreign concepts to law. Everything you learn in the Pro Immersion Experience is immediately applicable and relevant to you.

πŸ’Ό Or you could decide to hire a consultant to do the job for you and to some extent that works very well, if you have hundreds of thousands of dolloarsd to spend on a contract design or on litigation design ... But even you have doe this kind of investment, you'll work so much more effectively with external consultants if you know the methodology and have experienced it before. Plus you'll be a much more effective advocate within your organization after you've practiced it, and seen the benefits for yourself during the program...

You could do these things if you wanted to, but one thing is sure is that none of these alternatives come with a money-back guarantee. 

But The Pro Immersion Experience comes with a 100% Money-back guarantee

I understand that you want to be safe and secure with your investment. And you many have been burned by flashy promises before, but I want you to know this. . . that is not who I am. 

I have been in this industry for years and this program has been very intentionally designed for you to get results. 

βœ… 99% of Participants Graduate from the Immersion Program by receiving their Certification! πŸ”₯πŸš€

Getting certified means you've completed the Immersion activities which are designed to help you integrate the knowledge, got a ton of insights as to how to achieve the next level in your legal practice and career, and are perfectly confident to re-use that process you'll learn with us anytime you need or want to.

All the participants pride themselves in the results they've achieved and the breakthroughs they've had as a direct result of taking this program! 

Without a doubt, by following the program you will get results too. I stand firmly behind everything that I offer in this program. Whether you are just getting started or are already more advanced, you will find incredible value in this program.

The Immersion Experience is where everything begins ...

Enroll now for the Pro Immersion

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$397 USD

So Let’s Recap . . .

Here’s What You Get With
The Pro Immersion 

Officially Starting on Thursday, February 23rd, 2023 πŸ“† 
(Register by February 23rd to be admitted to the 2023 Immersion πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰
Passed this date we will not be admitting new participants to the program.)

The Pro Immersion Experience And All 5 Modules

You'll get The Legal Design Pro Immersion Experience and 5 core modules with elective lessons in Legal Information and Service Design, so you can go as deep or as wide as you wish to, showing you the exact steps to turn the way you communicate legal information and deliver legal services into a modern and effective legal practice. This is your blueprint to leveraging this proven methodology with success. . . even if you're starting from scratch! This isn't just any other course. This is a game-changing, immersive and transformative learning experience. We promise you that.

πŸ“† Course Start Date: Thursday, February 23rd, 2023  
Each Module is released progressively so you have time to access the content and join the practice rounds before the next module is released. The Course runs till 
June 15th, 2023 with a Closing Ceremony for your Certification! 🌟

$1997 Value

BONUS #1: Elective Lessons & Worksheets in Legal Information & Service Design

In addition to the foundational elements, you will get access to elective lessons on Legal Information and Service Design which are the most popular and widespread use cases for Legal Design today. I will walk you through the specifics so if you want to focus on redesigning legal information or applying the methodology for creating a service blueprint for your legal practice (or both!). 

✨ Released as you go through the Pro Immersion Experience βœ¨

$697 Value

BONUS #2: Visual Law Mega Pack: 100% editable Templates in Word,  PowerPoint and Canva

These templates are one of the fastest and easiest ways to shift gears and start using sleek and modern layout for your legal documents, as well as the right colors, icons and fonts. I will walk you through how to edit and save these documents in the format of your choice so you can easily use them and add the look and feel of your brand.

✨ Released as you go through the Pro Immersion Experience βœ¨

$497 Value

And Exclusive Private Community & Discussion Groups!

The Legal Creatives community is the best darn community around! Join hundreds and hundreds of legal professionals (just like you) who are on a very similar journey to yours, committed to learning and implementing. You'll find amazing professionals to connect, learn, and grow with.

βœ… Instantly Available When You Register for the Course.

$397 Value

Total Value: $3588 USD

For the Immersion Courses And Bonuses

$397 USD Today 

Then 5 payments of $397 USD for
The Pro Immersion Experience


Pay in Full to Save $385 USD + Get a Special  Bonus πŸŽ 

A 1-1 Strategy session to define Your Legal Design Success Markers + KPIs so you can have maximum clarity right from the start!

If you have any questions or concerns about the program just email us. We're happy to help: [email protected]

100% Money 
Back Guarantee

Try The Pro Immersion Experience 100% Risk Free 

If you don't like the Immersion program send us an email within 15 days and we'll give you your money back. 

Remember that when you register today, you'll get instant to a 100+ pages introduction Guidebook on the platform so you can get started right away on your learning journey.

I Will Be Here To Support You ALL THE WAY

The Pro Immersion Experience is a program specifically designed to help you to create far more leverage in your legal practice and in your career. So if you want to use a relieable and repeatable process to communicate legal information more effectively, to create more meaningful relationships with customers, to drive change witin your orgamnization or to lead innovation projects ...

I invite you to say Yes!

Yes to more meaningful connections with your clients πŸŒŸ Yes to more clarity in this complex world πŸŒŸ Yes to proven strategies πŸŒŸ Yes to new skills πŸŒŸ

When you enroll, you'll get The Legal Design Pro Immersion Experience and 5 core modules with elective lessons in Legal Information and Service Design, so you can go as deep or as wide as you wish.

 βœ… And since the process is repeatable, once you learn it you can use it again and again again, which means the compound effect is huge and the ROI absolutely infinite.

   I look forward to being your guide along the way. 


Click the button above and register now. I'll see you inside the program that starts on Thursday, February 23rd, 2023 πŸ“† 

Registrations open till February 23rd 2023. Passed this date we will not be admitting new participants to the program.

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