June 15-17, 2022

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The Impossible Summit

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The Impossible Summit is a 3-day international gathering the Who's Who is Legal Design & Tech, 27 speakers, thought leaders and practitioners and key professional influencers from 15+ countries who have created improbable career paths for themselves, from Legal Design to Tech and everything in Between! Replays Now Available with the Sumit Bundle! 

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Marie Potel-Saville

Founder & CEO Amurabi 


Marie Potel-Saville is the founder of Amurabi, a legal innovation by design agency.

Before founding Amurabi, she worked in private practice for 10 years (Freshfields, Allen & Overy) in Europe, then moved in-house to become GC EMEA of a US listed group.  She holds a Master’s Degree in Innovation by Design at ENSCI. Her professional thesis, Shaping the law to restore its function, is available here 

She is also a member of the Advisory Board of the Serpentine Galleries’ Legal Lab, is involved in pro bono access to access initiatives and teaches innovation by design at Singapore Management University, Sciences Po and Assas.

Chris Sykes

BPP Law School


Chris began his legal career as a trainee solicitor and then a solicitor working in criminal defence. When moving to Spain, he worked in a variety of settings including major law firms such as Garrigues and Gomez Acebo y Pombo as well as educational organizations such as Garrigues Centro de Estudios, Carlos III, and Ticket2Law (Iberian Lawyer). He then moved to Hong Kong to creat a legaltech startup Dragon Law (now called Zegal), a contract creation and automation platform. Chris returned to the UK in 2017 and eventually decided to leave Zegal and concentrate on teaching as a lecturer position at BPP Law School and in course design.

Laura Fauqueur

Design thinking facilitator & legal designer @ Legal Shake


Laura is a Legal Design & Tech specialist, with a background as a Court interpreter. And she's not a lawyer! Born French, she has been living in Madrid, Spain, for half of her life. She has been trying to support, improve but also shake the legal industry since she landed in a courtroom as a court interpreter almost 2 decades ago through legal marketing, legal tech, legal innovation and legal design. Recently created Legal Shake as the first Legal Design agency in Spain. She has been awarded European Woman of legal tech #EWOLT and also Women in tech - Legaltech category - by the UK Department of International Trade, both in 2020.

Jean-Philippe Doho

Legal Innovation Manager @ Ubisoft


After years of contract drafting, review and legal advice, Jean-Philippe Doho joined the newly created Ubisoft Legal Innovation team, managing projects on Legal Operations, Legal Design, Awareness & communication to explore within the legal team new territories, be more efficient and accessible. Passionate about alternative vision and creative mindset, he believes in a world where law can be designed to impact positively the society, corporation, and customers. leading projects like a digital Legal Design white paper and data privacy awareness videos using Ubisoft Raving Rabbids. His team has been awarded an innovation prize in legal management in 2019 and is once again nominated in 2022.

Anna Posthumus Meyjes

Legal Designer - founder of Aclara Legal Design

(The Netherlands)

Anna is a legal designer and founder of Aclara Legal Design. Aclara Legal Design helps to go from inaccessible, dense legal documents to engaging, easy-to-use legal content stakeholders will be happy to read. Anna brings creativity, design and a user-centered approach to law. She worked as an attorney-at-law in an international litigation practice for over ten years, amongst others at the top-tier Dutch law firm NautaDutilh. Anna specialised in liability, insurance and financial law. Designing and using clarifying visualisations became an increasingly important part of her communication and inspired her to start Aclara Legal Design.

Melissa Lyon

Experience Designer
@ Hive Legal


Melissa is an innovator committed to assisting the legal ecosystem develop human centred design skills.  She draws on many years of experience in legal practice as a commercial litigator, business developer and design thinker. She is an Experience Designer at Hive Legal, an innovative law firm which changed the legal profession by introducing legal design thinking, value pricing and truly flexible work practices. Working in this innovative environment inspired Melissa to develop a very different approach to innovation programs based on a design thinking framework and the power of purpose (HiveThinkP), assist clients to develop human centred projects and deliver educational sessions and programs.

Elizabeth de Stadler

Founding Director Novcon Consulting

(South Africa)

Elizabeth is a rehabilitated lawyer. That means she has all the smarts and commands all the respect without having to wear the office shoes or bill in six-minute intervals. Liezl is an information designer who gets to play with colours and design and build documents that readers understand and want to use. Together, they push the boundaries of legal communication, sneak legal design into the most mundane projects, ask stupid questions with open minds, and teach others to do the same.

Sarah Ouis

Founder of Law but How?

(United Kingdom)

Sarah Ouis is the founder of the legal design and content agency Law But How?. She is on a mission to simplify the access to legal information and grow the visibility of legal department and legal service providers by helping them creating engaging legal content. Before founding Law But How? Sarah developed her career as an in-house lawyer where she built a legal department and team from scratch in a high growth environment.

Mat Jakubowski 

Legal Technologist


Mat is a legal technologist and operations specialist who left the traditional legal path to pursue his passion in Legal Tech and build a legal consultancy firm. He is also the creator of incredibly creative and inspiring TikTok series showing human behind the lawyer. In the past Mat worked as an in-house for an international retail company in London, as well as, for Thomson Reuters and other legal solution companies, and more recently, as an innovation team lead at Dentons.

Karol Valencia

Legal Designer at Privacyperfect and CEO at WOW Legal Experience  


Karol studied law and design, in that sequence, with +10 years of experience working for the legal and technology sector, for Fintech and compliance companies, also the Legal Tech sector. She had been running her own legal design agency for the last few years and is currently working as Legal designer at Privacy Perfect (Dutch legal tech) and is the CEO at WOW Legal Experience. Actively pursuing  the integration of Legal Design and Tech, she has a lot of insights to share when it comes to designing better Legal Tech experiences.

Thabo Magubane

Chief Growth Officer at Legal Connection

(South Africa)

Thabo is part of a network exploring new forms of making law better and building new business models to scale legal businesses. His work and passion are based on the use of legal technology to identify new opportunities, build long term partnerships, and make the processes of law better.  He has been recognised as one of the leaders of legal innovation in the African continent, as the African Union endorsed my work on the use of Artificial Intelligence and 5G for the modernization of court process in Africa. 

Elisabeth Talbourdet-Ville

Public Interest Entrepreneure


Right after qualifying as a French lawyer, Elisabeth chose … not to become one! Instead, she took a leap and joined Amurabi in 2018, one of the first Legal Design Agency in France. For 3 years at Amurabi, Elisabeth specialized in running legal design projects, making privacy policies, contracts, compliance accessible and actionable for non-lawyers. Having worked for many public entities to ensure a better access to justice, she then joined the French government digital innovation program in 2021 with a focus on public innovation and change management. Elisabeth is also a Legal Design coach at the Paris Bar School.

Sandra González

CEO / Lead Experience Designer @ Empathy


Product designer with + 15 years experience leading multidisciplinary projects. From product and service design to experiences involving analog and digital deliverables. Currently, at Empathy Sandra is leading a team of +20 designers, anthropologists, business & marketing specialists, and engineers who face challenges with projects in the spectrum of strategic design. Fascinated by human-centered design, Sandra is driven to create end-to-end experiences that are real, functional and enjoyable for people.

Melissa Saucedo

Legal Designer/UX and Visual Information Designer


Melissa Saucedo is Legal and Ux Designer with a background in banking and business law, from Panama City, currently based in Bangkok, Thailand. After a 15-year career in the banking industry, she decides to explore the design world, and learn how to apply Design Thinking and UX Design to the Legal Industry and retail market. She truly believes on the power of changing the world and improving people's life through design and technology.

Helen Burness

Saltmarsh Marketing and Helen Squared 


After years travelling the legal market far and wide from global law firms to NewLaw start-ups, Helen Burness founded her own consultancy, Saltmarsh Marketing, to work with game-changers and disruptors in the legal sector. Her sweet spot is businesses and founders who want to do things differently and create change, whether that’s through a new product, a new service or a new way of working. 

Steph Smith

Legal Tech | Content Creator @ Leeway CLM | Forever Learner ✌️

With a growth mindset and out-the-box thinking, I'm always on the look out for a challenge. At the heart of it all, I'm a people person - so if you're up for working collaboratively and making things happen, let's connect! She is an experienced marketer with a passion for supporting ideas through content creation and digital channels, as well as delivering measurable strategies that are aligned to wider business goals. Most buzzed when creating valuable and engaging content that supports business growth in the tech space.

Leila El Gharbi

Project Manager/Corporate lawyer at eBrevia, a DFIN company


Full of positive energy French qualified lawyer with more than 4 years of legal practice experience in both private practice and in-house legal departments, in UK and France. She has developped skills mainly in compliance, corporate, finance, employment and commercial contracts. Cross-functional and cross-jurisdictional experience, she is a versatile and hands-on lawyer, used to work in fast paced environments. She speaks fluently 5 languages: French, English, Spanish, Italian and Arabic and  and he currently learning Portuguese.

Liezl Van Zyl

Director @ Hey Plain Jane

(South Africa)

Hey Plain Jane is an information design agency that helps companies achieve clarity in their communication. They create clear, innovative, and beautiful forms, terms and conditions, and policies to help these companies build trust and communicate with empathy. Clear communication has the power to improve operations, enhance marketing, reduce customer complaints, and mitigate legal risk. Hey Plain Jane has clients in financial services, artificial intelligence, higher education, and retail. We work with best in class designers, animators, and copy writers to simplify technical communication.

Cassandre Tinebra

Founder of What about Legal Design


Founder of What about Legal Design, Cassandre communicates via social media to every person who has the superpower to make law more accessible. How? By sharing resources to integrate Legal Design into their activity. She collaborates with Legal Design experts worldwide to show the opportunities offered by this incredible field. Before that, Cassandre worked as a legal expert at Michelin while doing her Master's Degree in digital law. Then, she had the opportunity to develop her skills in Legal Design at Amurabi, a legal innovation by design agency.

Lauren Kay

Human Design Guide & Coach, Creator of Legally Different Podcast and Lawyer

(United Kingdom)

Passionate about human potential, Lauren is guiding and teaching people to understand their unique gifts and strengths and how they are designed to work and live optimally. She is a former Big Law lawyer now senior legal consultant and advocate of the WFA (work from anywhere) movement. Her Legally Different Podcast is a hub for conversations with pioneering legal humans for soul fuelled success.

Marina Paraboni

 Legal Designer @ Lex Design


Marina Paraboni, lawyer and Legal Designer. An enthusiast about reconnecting law with its users. At Lex, the motto is to redesign legal experiences. And this is necessary precisely because of this distance. By redesigning experiences, it is possible to empower individuals, making them understand and be able to use legal tools, as well as bringing Law and society closer together, by reducing this distance.

Sara Ajmi

Legal Ops Specialist @ KDC/ONE


Sara is a Legal Operations Specialist in KDC-ONE. Before moving to Canada in 2019, she used to work in-house counsel for more than 5 years in my home country Morocco. She was always concerned about how legal departments and teams operate and how can we show their true value within the company and towards other cross-functional departments. I was always convinced that legal department is more than doing “machinery” legal work. She now works in Legal ops to help legal departments work efficiently and effectively…

Omololu Bajulaiye

Senior Associate NewLaw & Digital Accelerator PWC


Legal technolawgist and legal designer with a strong emphasis on the end-user, Omololu helps legal departments and organizations on their digital transformation journey. He guides them in maximizing their data, developing and implementing processes, tools and workflows based on legal design, technology and operations. He currently works for PwC NewLaw Netherlands, where he is helping to build up the practice, which will focus on legal department optimization, legal technology and data insights, and managed legal services.

Sarah Rodriguez M.

Director of Legal Innovation & Technology 


Sarah is a lawyer and legal designer; she is passionate about innovation and new technologies. Her purpose is to reimagine human-centered legal solutions bringing value to clients and businesses. Sarah has dedicated her career to promoting the advantages of legal innovation for lawyers and law students. She is the founder of Legalid Academy and Legalid New Law, an alternative legal service provider for tech-based startups in Colombia.  She recently assumed a new role as Director of Legal Innovation and Technology, at one of Georgia's largest law firms in the US.


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