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Online Academy

Online Teachings & Mentoring Program to develop and maintain the Legal Creatives mindset and leadership all year long.

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In-Person Masterclasses

1 to 2 days Immersive Experience to learn and put in practice Legal Creatives Design.

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Innovation Sprints

Customized Hands-On Experience in Legal Creatives Design to address specific pre-determined challenges chosen by you.

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In-House Workshops

Customized On-Site Team Trainings to get tangible products and services with hands-on experience in Legal Creatives Design.

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Digital Trainings

4 to 6 weeks Online Programs to prototype incredible products and services using strategies in Legal Creatives Design.

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Keynote Speeches

Highly motivational and engaging talks to understand and embrace new opportunities in law using Legal Creatives Design methodology.

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Testimonials and Comments

Here is what some of our previous participants thought about us

"Tessa knows how we can improve and introduce innovation in the field of the legal industry. To be part of the Academy ensures us to be part of the future of the law. Legal Creatives has the best approach to transform the way that legal services are to be delivered in the future."

- Legal mockup founders (Argentina)

"A way of working that I will apply in the future in my job, everyday." 

- Lotta, Lawyer & Founder (Sweden)

"We are already applying some of the techniques in our office and I have to say that this is not only more effective but also more fun."

- Achim Tschauder, Head of Legal Operations, Frankfurt (Germany)


"Legal Creatives = Legal Design + Design Thinking + Service Design + Tons of creativity and innovation with Tessa Manuello's unique combination, such as Reverse Brainstorming. Today was an excellent day to learn and practice at Legal Creatives Masterclass in Rio de Janeiro."

- Leonardo Toco, Innovation and Digital Transformation @ the Legal Services Market (Brazil)

“After learning about Legal Design, especially about the opening of the creative process so well propagated by Tessa Manuello, I just have to say that when we start this process, there is no going back (and it's very pleasurable and stimulating!)”

- Sílvia Gomes Piva, Lawyer - Partner, GHBP Lawyers (Brazil)

"I am so excited to be in the Academy and I can’t wait every Tuesday to participate in the live class."

- Dorra, Senior In-house counsel (Tunisia)


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