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Thinking Creatively about the Law. Get actionable tips and strategies to bring creativity and design in law.

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Transforming legal business models, the way we deliver legal services and meet new expectations from customers can be challenging, but you’re not in this alone.

Tune in for the Special End of Year Season of The Legal Creatives Podcast that includes actionable tips and strategies you can use immediately in your legal practice. With this Podcast Special Edition, you will get:

  • Inspiring stories of professionals who have changed the way they practice law

  • Actionable strategies that you can use today to modernize your legal practice

  • Real examples of new ways to deliver legal information and advice, using modern and agile methodologies.


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Episode 1
New Year Season

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Episode 2
New Year Season

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Episode 3
New Year Season

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Episode 4
New Year Season

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Episode 5
New Year Season

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Episode 6
New Year Season

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Episode 7
New Year Season

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Episode 8
New Year Season

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Episode 9 of the New Year 
Podcast Season

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Episode 10 of the New Year 
Podcast Season

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Episode 11 of the New Year 
Podcast Season

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Episode 12 of the New Year 
Podcast Season

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Episode 13 of the New Year 
Podcast Season

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Episode 14 of the New Year 
Podcast Season

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Episode 15 of the New Year 
Podcast Season

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Episode 16 of the New Year 
Podcast Season

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Episode 17 of the New Year 
Podcast Season

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Episode 18 of the New Year 
Podcast Season

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Episode 19 of the New Year 
Podcast Season

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Episode 20 of the New Year 
Podcast Season

Meet Your Host at The Legal Creatives Podcast

Tessa Manuello

Founder & CEO Legal Creatives

🎙 Legal Design pioneer, Internationally recognized speaker, Certified High Performance Coach, Tessa Manuello is considered one of the world's reference in Legal Design and Innovation. She's regularly invited to speak to international audiences worldwide as a thought leader at the intersection of innovation, creativity, disruption and law. Tessa has grown the biggest community and most engaged community in Legal Design & Innovation reaching 4,000 legal professionals across 50 countries with the highly engaging Legal Creatives platform and trainings, and most recent podcast. 



Thanks to the help of Legal Creatives, I introduced Legal Design at my work. The material available on the platform and the opportunity to connect with like-minded lawyers around the world has proven to be really useful.


Practicing Lawyer based in the UK

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