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Revamp your Contracts with Visuals

A Virtual Workshop to help you create contracts and other legal docs your clients will love to read, speed up negotiations and increase information retention  all at the same time.

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 Stop oversimplifying your contracts when trying to use visuals!

And instead ...

Use the right techniques and tools to make clear visuals that are easy to create, speed up negotiations and increase information retention - all at the same time.

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✅ A simple and effective way to re-organize information in your contracts and other legal docs that will make information a lot easier to process for your clients (the type of contracts and documents that clients love reading!)

✅ How to use visuals to increase information retention by 60% or more (including the research and examples) without ever having to comprise quality and legal precision when creating visuals

✅ How to speed up negotiation by 50% by focusing on creating the right visuals that establish and foster a solid business relationship (so you can focus on the visuals that matter the most)

🔴 With answers to the most frequently asked questions. 


🟡 BONUS #1: Information Architecture: Inventory & Audit Template

🟡 BONUS #2: Design Tools Walkthrough: Icons and Typography

🟡 BONUS #3: Branding your Contracts: Colors and Contrasts


The Workshop is a 2-hour class divided into smaller segments that are easy to consume on the platform.

You will have life-time access to the Workshop.


If you’re not satisfied with Mini Workshop for whatever reason, you're covered by our no-questions-asked 15-day 100% money back guarantee from the date of your purchase. 

Meet Your Workshop Lead, Tessa Manuello

Tessa Manuello is the founder and CEO of Legal Creatives, considered one's of the World's Legal Design Pioneers, and Certified High-Performance Coach. She has built and grown the largest active community in the Legal Design space, delivering highly interactive talks, engaging learning programs enabling the creation of tangible outcomes, and deeply motivating keynote speeches. She has helped thousands of legal professionals with Legal Design, training them and empowering them to do it by themselves. It's so good some of them even created award-winning contract redesign 🔥

A Summer Workshop to help you Revamp your Contracts and other Legal Docs with Visuals 📑

2 Hrs Live Workshop 

All video segments are produced in small-sized so it's easier to consume and find what you need

Practical Action Steps

You'll get a Live Walk-through of the process you can use to revamp your contracts with visuals

Bonus Material

You'll get the best tools and templates to use along with guidelines that detail everything you need to produce high quality documents


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Workshop: Revamp your Contracts with Visuals
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