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Course Overview

Switch to the Future is a digital course by Legal Creatives made to equip you with a deeper understanding of the Foundations of Legal Creatives Design, acquire practical knowledge about our original and proven approach to innovation, and explore the power of this method by applying it to a project challenge of your choice.


  • Overview: 4 skills you’ll be exploring in the course: (1) Gathering Inspiration, (2) Looking for Unexpected Connections, (3) Expanding your mental box, and (4) Turning plans into actions.
  • Discussion: Why is it important not to fear the future but instead break-through today's challenges to create opportunities for tomorrow?
  • Activity: Pick the challenge that you’ll address during the course.


Module 1: Gathering Inspiration

Learn how to unlock your curiosity and gain insights.

  • Practice the art of crafting investigative questions in order to explore new possibilities in relation to your course project.
  • Discussion: How to get more confortable embracing the unknown with an open mind?
  • Activity: Start overcoming assumptions in your legal practice by making a list of investigative questions to use for your course project.

Module 2: Looking for Unexpected Connections

Discover how to spark creativity and find cutting-edge ideas.

  • Enhance your capacity to visualize and make connections in order to elevate your imagination in relation to your course project.
  • Discussion: Is creativity just for the artists? What helps you spur more ideas? How to get more productive at creativity? 
  • Activity: Make forced connections to unleash your imagination in relation to your course project.

Module 3: Expanding Your Mental Box

Learn how to amplify your creative and empathic abilities by taking new perspectives.

  • Practice how to generate an impressive amount of ideas using unconventional brainstorming techniques.
  • Discussion: Why it is important to stop thinking outside the box and expand, instead, your experience of the world through different lenses? 
  • Activity: Put yourself in the shoes of someone else, it be your colleague, superviser, administrative assistant or your client, to experience a new perspective and keep a journal of your insights.

Module 4: Turning Plans Into Actions.

Learn how to take your ideas into an action plan and turn them into practical actions.

  • Practice how to select and categorize ideas in order to maximize your creative potential with an action plan.
  • Discussion: How to get traction around your ideas? How to overcome resistances? How to get more leverage?
  • Activity: Capture, combine and present your course project insights to take your course project to the next level.

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12 Videos

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Learn with Tessa Manuello

Tessa Manuello is the founder and CEO of Legal Creatives, and an internationally recognized speaker considered as one of the leading experts in legal design in the world. In addition to teaching Creativity at Sherbrooke Law School (Canada), she is regularly invited to lecture, train and speak to share her knowledge with the legal public worldwide. Tessa guides her reflections and research on topics such as innovation, disruption and the insertion of creativity in the design of legal services.

And Carol Hannud 

Carol Hannud is COO and Academic Partner of Legal Creatives. Graduated in Law from USP (Brazil), with specializations at LSE and the University of Coimbra, Carol worked as a lawyer from 2004 to 2017, structuring and executing highly complex multidisciplinary projects with high energy and enthusiasm. Professor of negotiation and mediation, she works in the technology and startup ecosystem enabling the union between law, new opportunities and partnerships, as well as the creation of value and impact.

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