On July 29-31, 2022


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A 3-Day Virtual Event on the future of Web 3 Regulations & Digital Assets, perfect for legal or tax professionals interested in the fast-moving space of innovation in compliance, regulation, and tax for Web3 and Digital Assets.

With Participants from all around the World, Amazing Speakers and Jury Members!

All taking part in the future of Web3 Regulations For this 3-day Virtual Event & Hackathon on the future of web3 and regulations

Sabrina Goerlich

CPO Ground 


Design and Product Strategist and passionate about helping teams to innovate their business with proven frameworks like the Design Sprint, Design Thinking, Strategy Design Sprint, and design experiences that help create focus on what really matters, align teams and stakeholders faster, solve problems quickly and establish an innovation culture. 

Gopal Patel

Co-founder of global Micro VC and Startup Studio, esya

(United Kingdom)

Partnering with ambitious early-stage startups to help them scale on a transparent, fair dynamic equity model. Scaling startups are boosted by esya's studio, helping them build robust product teams for long-term success. Gopal leads esya's venture-build, Ground, a new economy for Founders and Creators.

Robert Hanna

Founder & Managing Director KC Partner 

(United Kingdom) 

Legal Community Builder 👉 Helps Lawyers Land Dream Jobs 💥 Host of the Legally Speaking Podcast Host🎙Founder $LEGAL Coin 🪙 Investor | Speaker | Web3 & NFTs | Mental Health + DE&I Champ | LinkedIn Audio Townhall Host 🎙️ Top 1.5% Globally Ranked Podcast Host  🏆 CIO TIMES Most Inspiring Leader 🥇 Multi-Award Nominated Community Maker

Daniel de Paiva Gomes

Partner @ 


PhD on Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence and its application to Courts (Pontifical Catholic University). MSc Candidate in Blockchain and Digital Currency (University Nicosia). Author of the book “Bitcoin: the taxation of cryptocurrencies” (Thomson Reuters). Masters/LLM in the regulation and taxation of cryptoassets and one of the leading coordinators of a Research Group about Web3 & Metaverse Tax Challenges at Getulio Vargas Foundation 

Anna de Stefano

Chief Legal Design & Communication Officer & Doorway 


Chief Legal Design & Communication Officer| European Women of Legal Tech 2020| Business Angel| Startup Mentor & Advisor| Member of the AI Alliance @EU Commission. A proven executive, with entrepreneurial spirit and significant experience in managing the growth of companies and their teams from the early stage phase to industry leadership, primarily in the legal services industry at large. 

Eduardo de Paiva Gomes

Cryptolaw Partner at VDV Law Firm


PhD on Regulation and Taxation of Metaverse (Pontifical Catholic University), Master/LL.M in Tax Law (FGV) and MSc Candidate in Blockchain & Digital Currency at University of Nicosia. Author of “Taxation of 3D Printing: blueprint, software and 3D printers” (Thomson Reuters Editors). MSc Candidate on Blockchain and Digital Currencies (Nicosia University). Co-lead of the Research Group Web3 and Metaverse Tax Challenges

Brownrygg Woolls

Marketing and Community Designer for web3. 


Design thinking consultant for DAOs, Community Cultivator @ pubDAO & mClub DAO. Lead workshop facilitator and designer. Have worked in 4 different continents, managed cross-cultural teams in multiple time zones, collaborated with ad agencies, non-profits, design firms, multimillion dollar startups, multibillion dollar corporations, and UN specialized agencies.

 Tessa Manuello

Founder & CEO
Legal Creatives 


Tessa Manuello is the founder and CEO of Legal Creatives, considered one's of the World's Legal Design Pioneers, and Certified High-Performance Coach. She has built and grown the largest active community in the Legal Design space, delivering highly interactive talks, engaging learning programs enabling the creation of tangible outcomes, and deeply motivating events.


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Legal Creatives is an online educational platform empowering legal professionals from 50+ countries to think more creatively about the law, design better legal services and organizations.

Ground is a new Web3 economy for co-founding teams where you build together, share ownership equitably and access early liquidity.

Attend the Hackathon to take part in the future of Web3 Regulations.

Attend the Hackathon to take part in the future of Web3 Regulations.

Virtual Event with Speakers and Networking

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