⚡️🇧🇷Speaking in Belém, Brazil, with Law.go.

Oct 18, 2019

Did you see Carol Hannud, our COO at Legal Creatives, was in Belém, Brazil this week to talk about Legal Creatives Design at the first Law + tech event ever held in the region? During the event, speakers from all parts of Brazil were invited to present various approaches for legal innovation, to best inform the legal community in Belém and beyond as to how to innovate. 

Along with amazing speakers in Legal Tech from Belém and other parts of Brazil, the objective for the event was to present pioneer initiatives and solutions in Law Tech and Legal Tech, as well as innovation methods capable of supporting the transformation of legal services in the region. 

In this talk entitled "Legal Creatives Design: A journey to re-think the user experience in law", Carol Hannud delivered a highly engaging and inspiring talk on Legal Creatives Design, as a proven methodology for innovation in law.

In Belém, the creative spark ignited!...

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🇧🇷⚡️Brasil: Como resolver 80 milhões de processos judiciais?

Oct 18, 2019

Você sabia que o sistema de justiça no Brasil está imerso em 80 milhões de ações judiciais? Em uma sociedade praticamente digital, a questão de como resolver melhor, prevenir e gerenciar disputas permanece um tanto intocada.  Usar a lei como uma ferramenta para criar resultados importantes para os clientes é um desafio e também uma grande oportunidade.

Com isso em mente, realizamos uma turnê pelo Brasil, começando em junho com uma visita de 10 dias para  3 cidades e, novamente, entre julho e agosto, visitando 9 cidades de norte a sul, para oferecer uma Masterclass durante o dia todo, usando a metodologia Legal Creatives Design desenvolvida por Tessa Manuello. 

Durante esse dia inteiro para praticar, os participantes aprenderam:

1 Metodologia para inovação em direito na intersecção de Design Thinking, Design de Serviços e Design Jurídico.

3 Estudos de...

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⚡️Are you one Masterclass away from a major break-through?

Oct 10, 2019

Are you a senior lawyer, a legal counsel, or a legal innovation manager looking to design new legal business models? Eager to deliver more value to clients? Keen to offer a better legal UX - User experience? You may be just one Masterclass away from a break-through. Discover how, at Legal Creatives, we ignite the creative spark and turn it turn into something real...

1. Why participate? 

Did you know lawyers from more than 50 countries around the world use our programs and platform to create better legal products and experiences? If you are interested in delivering more value for clients, making your own internal processes smoother and take advantage of the Legal Design method to innovate, then you may want to join or host a Masterclass. In the Masterclasses, you will learn how to be "Design-Ready" using and practicing a vast array of tools at the intersection of Legal Design, Service Design and Legal Service Models.

2. What will you get?

You will acquire hands-on...

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🇧🇷⚡️Brazil Tour: How to address 80 millions of lawsuits?

Oct 04, 2019

Did you know the justice system in Brazil is immersed in 80 millions lawsuits? In a society that is totally digital-ready, the question remains how to better resolve, prevent, and manage disputes and to use the law as a tool to create outcomes that matters to clients. 

With that in mind, we have put a tour in the entire country, starting in June with a 10-day visit in 3 cities and then again in July and August visiting 9 cities from North to South, to deliver a full day Masterclass using the original methodology of Legal Creatives Design. 

During this full day to practice the Legal Creatives Design methodology, participants got to learn:

1 Methodology for innovation in law at the intersection of Design Thinking, Service Design and Legal Design.

3 Case studies to understand the methodology.

6 Tools for practicing and maximizing results.

And an entire day to practice.

During this series of Masterclasses, participants got to learn and...

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⚡️Let’s ignite the creative spark with Legal Creatives Masterclass

Apr 18, 2019

By Tessa Manuello
Founder Legal Creatives 

Are you a senior lawyer, legal counsel, strategist, innovation manager, consultant or entrepreneur looking to design new legal business models, value propositions and customer experiences? Then join me in a city near you for a Masterclass! 

1. Why participate? 

Through our online and in-person training programs,  lawyers from more than 50 countries around the world got to use our tools to capture and generate value, create better legal products and experiences, and to start to grow exponentially. And so now you can learn this in just one day, in this hands-on masterclass! 

2. What will you get?

You will acquire the necessary tools to ...

  • Map a strategic positioning
  • Sketch value propositions
  • Create new service models
  • Improve the attractiveness of legal offers
  • Prototype innovative products and services
  • Learn the power of the next generation branding

3. Who should be present?

  • Partners,...
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🤯 From Mundane to Mind-Blowing: How Creativity Is Reshaping The Law

Apr 17, 2019

by Tessa Manuello
Legal Creatives Founder

Remember Ripley, the fictional character and the protagonist of the Alien film series played by American actress Sigourney Weaver, inside a robotic exoskeleton to battle the Alien creature? That was a creative concept, 30 years ago, pure science fiction, and yet now it’s becoming fact.  


In this era when tech innovation is transforming every industry, we in the law industry have to recognize that we have an incredible amount of work to do to catch up. To achieve mind blow innovations, the digital transformation should speed up exponentially, the technological adoption rate should increase dramatically, and customer experience should be placed at the center of all innovations.

The world is changing at an accelerating pace, and yet the incremental innovations we see in law will not suffice to create the change expected...

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🚀 How to make Legal Design Sprints & Workshops Both Productive and Fun

Apr 05, 2019

By Tessa Manuello

What are design sprint workshops? How can these hands-on workshops help lawyers? When is the right time to schedule one at a Law firm? These are questions I receive all the time when it comes to Legal Design Sprints and Workshops. So I decided to outline the guidelines I recommend to make Sprints and Workshops both fun and productive.

To illustrate the guidelines, I will use as an example the fastest Design Sprint Workshop I conducted in just 90 minutes (add an extra 30 minutes for presentations), at the Legaltech Fest MX organized by Legal Hackers Monterrey (Mexico) to develop new legal service delivery models. 

 Facilitating a 90-minute Legal Design Sprint at the Legaltech Fest MX in Monterrey, Mexico.

To produce the best possible results in the shortest time possible, I highly recommend three guiding principles for any Design Sprint Workshop. 

1. Make the purpose of the workshop clear

This is...

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🎧 Explore what it means to be a lawyer and law firm of the future (podcast inside)

Apr 04, 2019

We’re excited to present you the new Podcast we are co-producing with Futurelab.legal, as a platform designed to explore what it means to be a lawyer and law firm of the future.

Discover The Future of Law Podcast, as Quddus Pourshafie from Futurelab.legal and Tessa Manuello from legal Creatives are bringing you a platform to explore what the future holds for the legal industry.

In the last episode, your hosts talk about an unusual topic that will leave you inspired and energized, and certainly more creative, as they discuss Beauty and the Law. Listen to the episode to discover why beauty matters for the future of the law, and how to make the legal documents, services, and products, more attractive, through the power of beauty.

It's time to think about how we can make legal services more beautiful. Why making legal services more beautiful, you may ask? As individuals, we are all attracted to beauty. We are all attracted to things and people that are...

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📕Upcoming Book: Creativity is The New Law by Tessa Manuello

Mar 29, 2019

We’re excited to announce that we’re working on an upcoming book entitled Creativity is The New Law (working title), as the beginning of a sequel to Legal Creativity and Design. 

Take a look at what our new book will offer, and sign-up to be notified as we get closer to publishing in 2020.

Creativity as the new law will help take the fear out of innovation by uncovering how to:

  • Map your strategic positioning and sketch value propositions.
  • Create new service models and attractive products for clients.
  • Prototype innovative products or services and outlining a customer-centric development plan.

This book aims to be a reference to help lawyers, law firms and startup founders increase the desirability of legal services and products they offer by enhancing their imagination and design abilities to better reduce the risk of wasting time and money with products or services that nobody wants and...

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⏱ When a Design Sprint class shows you the reality about contracts.

Mar 21, 2019

By Milene Amoriello Spolador, Tax and business lawyer | Legal Designer |Design thinker (Brazil)

Last month I had the last class of a Design Sprint course I did here in Curitiba - and I have to say that it was a day when I heard truths.

In the last hours of the course our teacher asked us to suggest a theme so she could show us some facilitation techniques. I was the only lawyer in the class, so I put the subject contracts on the table and to my surprise it was accepted. So the following question was written in yellow letters on the board:

How to improve the experience with contracts?

And was at this time, dear reader, that the truth came forth as clear as the sun.

The group was made up of people of all ages and from a variety of backgrounds: designers, entrepreneurs, developers, directors of technology companies, photographers, people planning, post-sales, service, ie people involved with contracts of the most diverse forms, but all with very similar pains in relation to the...

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