Meet Tessa at Design.Legal Conference, Munich Germany.

Jun 21, 2018

Join Tessa in Munich, Germany, on June 21-22, where she will co-facilitate Europe’s cosiest conference on legal design, tech and innovation. 

It’s time to join forces in a new approach. Time for a unique concept. Time for a new kind of conference. Two days highly interactive, hands-on innovation sprint to work on real-life challenges in the legal field: that’s, Europe’s cosiest conference on legal design, tech and innovation.

In a facilitated design-sprint-hackathon-like workshop, the participants will learn how to apply design thinking, rapid prototyping and tech solutions in an innovative hands-on process. From real-life challenges on day one, we will move to solutions in the afternoon of day two.

Together we shape the experience. Together we determine the outcome. Together we create.

Register now to attend Europe’s cosiest conference on legal design, tech and innovation in Munich,...

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Legal Creatives featured at the Legal Design Challenge. Madrid, Spain.

Apr 17, 2018

The Legal Design Challenge is the reference forum on transparency in the private sector and a school for those who want to generate legal documentation 100% understandable and mitigate legal risks. In this conference, the Legal Creatives approach is presented as a proven model to innovation. Along with 6 Legal Design tips from our Founder, Tessa Manuello, participants discover a proven methodology for innovation, based on creative problem-solving, and implemented through technology. 

Organized by the Instituto de Innovación Legal, the Legal Design Challenge is absolutely innovative by combining theoretical knowledge, teaching and practical application through a contest, whose objective is to test the skills acquired in the workshops. Teams compete and the jury will consist of several experts in the field, as well as end users.

All teams compete working on the same document, which will have to evolve into a more understandable, transparent and...

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Legal Creatives + Global Legal Hackathon

Mar 13, 2018

Legal Creatives will be hosting a live Global Legal Hackathon Pitching Round on March 22, 2018.

The Global Legal Hackathon is bringing the legal industry together with tech and innovation, in 40+ cities on 6 continents with one purpose: The rapid development of solutions for improving the legal industry worldwide. 

This partnership holds special meaning, as Legal Creatives empowers all legal communities worldwide to stand out, also through the creative use of technology. We are believers that improving access to justice and enhancing legal experience is at reach, provided all legal communities, worldwide, contribute putting bravery in action.  

"We believe in the power of community. We believe in insights from face-to-face connections. We believe success comes from the courage of rising up again. We believe in learning, sharing and celebrating together." - Legal Creatives Manifesto.

The Global Legal Hackathon is engaging law schools, law firms and...

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Legal Creatives at Vendôme Tech, Paris France

Dec 08, 2017

Visiting the French Ministry of Justice today, on the occasion of the Vendôme Tech.

The actors of Legal Tech made their official entry to the Ministry of Justice, and so did Legal Creatives. The event, launched on December 8th, 2017, by the French Ministry of Justice, Nicole Belloubet in collaboration of the JUREM - Les Juristes En Marche! marks a new stage in the evolution of the French legal ecosystem.

Our founder, Tessa Manuello, met with the French Legal Tech ecosystem, as well as the Minister of Justice, and challenged herself to take a selfie with the Ministry of Justice, Place Vendôme, which she did!

Tessa Manuello's selfie with French Ministry of Justice, Nicole Belloubet

Why a Vendôme Tech? "The idea is that the Justice Ministry is not absent from the global conversation," said Nicole Belloubet, citing a US Supreme Court ruling, and Justice ought to give herself the means to be a powerful player in digital...

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Legal Creatives at Village Legal Tech, Paris France

Dec 06, 2017

In visit at the French Salon of the LegalTech, a unique meeting place, information and training, organized around an exhibition space, conferences and workshops.

This meeting between LegalTech actors, legal professionals, students and entrepreneurs highlights all actors involved in innovative approaches and proposing technologies applied to the Law.

Traditional actors and startups are there to attend conferences addressing the issues of economic models or market law, innovation, human resources, management etc.

Our founder Tessa Manuello met with the French ecosystem on this occasion, as well as presented Legal Creatives platform and network. 

Legal Creatives' mission is to empower the legal community to enhance legal experience and deliver better access to justice, through creativity.  

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Legal Creatives Exhibition day at Web Summit 2017, Lisbon Portugal

Nov 07, 2017

Legal Creatives is showcasing today its first technological solution at Web Summit. 

Legal Creative is the world's first platform designed to empower legal communities to stand out. It's mission is to help all legal professionals enhance legal experience and deliver better access to justice, through creativity.

On Exhibition Day, Legal Creatives team is presenting to visitors and pitching to investors Legal Creatives' platform and network, with its first technological solution: An all-in-one digital platform for lawyers willing to kickstart and grow their practice into the digital era.

Visit us at stand number A731 in the Legal and Accounting Services Exhibition Area for more information or contact us by email for a private meeting ([email protected]).

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Legal Creatives, Featured Startup at Canada Day Summit, Lisbon Portugal

Nov 06, 2017

Featured startup at Canaday Day Summit, Legal Creatives is introducing its first technological legal solution.

Legal Creative is the world's first platform designed to empower legal communities to stand out. Its mission is to help all legal professionals enhance legal experience and deliver better access to justice, through creativity.

On Canada Day Summit, our founder Tessa Manuello is pitching in front of Canadian Trade Commissioners from Portugal, Spain, United Kingdom and from Ottawa as well as investors and other startups.

Today we are introducing Legal Creatives's first technological solution, an all-in-one digital platform for lawyers willing to kickstart and grow their practice into the digital era. By bringing together legal communities from across the world, Legal Creatives is leading the way into a new legal era through the creative use of technology.

Legal Creatives' mission is to empower the legal community to enhance legal experience...

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Legal Creatives, Featured Startup at Web Summit 2017, Lisbon Portugal

Oct 30, 2017

Legal Creatives selected at this year's Alpha Startup Track for its incredible potential for impact and growth.

As one of the 3.5% successful startups over more than 80,000 applicants, Legal Creatives will be showcased in Lisbon from November 6 to 9, 2017. 

Legal Creatives is the world's first platform connecting and empowering all legal communities to stand out. By bringing together lawyers, legal professionals and conflict resolution experts who are serious about building an innovative career and practice, as well as CEOs, policy-makers, community leaders, activists and technologists we are driven towards shaping future justice.

Web Summit started in 2010 to connect the technology community with all industries, both old and new. The Web Summit has grown to become the largest technology conference in the world. With 60,000+ attendees and 1,000+ speakers from 160+ countries, the Web Summit is "Davos for the geeks" according to Bloomberg.

As a...

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Attending the most renown creative conference, Buffalo USA

Jun 01, 2017

Amongst creators of brainstorming technique, our founder Tessa Manuello attends the longest running creativity and innovation conference.

Creative Problem Solving (CPS) is a proven method for approaching a problem or a challenge in an imaginative and innovative way. It's a process that helps you redefine the problems and opportunities you face, come up with new, innovative responses and solutions, and then take action.

Traced back to the work that was started by Alex Osborn in the 1940s, developed with Sid Parnes in the 1950s, and nurtured at SUNY Buffalo State and the Creative Education Foundation, CPS has developed exponentially since then. It has been taught by the Creative Education Foundation since then at the University at Buffalo.

By learning this technique, our founder Tessa Manuello is incorporating it into her Legal Research & Development (R&D) adapting it to the legal process, from legal practice to legal innovation. By expanding her...

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