Building the World's First Social Token for the Legal Community - Interview with Robert Hanna

Nov 01, 2022

In Episode 27 of the Legal Creatives Podcast, in the Metaverse, where we explore with Robert Hanna the reasons who creating the world's first social token for the legal community. 

Robert Hanna is the 🪙 Founder of Legally Speaking Club - $LEGAL - the World's first social token that rewards the legal community 🗣️ LinkedIn Audio Townhall Host, News Contributor, Beta Product Tester & Creator Accelerator Programme Cohort 2022 🎙️ Top 1% Ranked Podcast Host 🏆 CIO TIMES: Most Inspiring Leader 🥇 Featured in The Lawyer, The Modern Lawyer, Thomson Reuters & More. In this Podcast Episode, Robert Hanna is sharing about his journey into Web3, why he's making a strategic decision in creating the Legal Coin, and gathering his legal community in Web3.

The goal of this episode is to discuss Web 3 for Lawyers and provide a space to learn about the tokenization of communities in Web3. We believe the Legal Coin has the potential to revolutionize the way legal professionals network, learn and grow their practice. This is why see we're so excited to bring this episode as part of our Web3 Legal Design Hackathon and Web3 Legal Design Talk co-organized by Legal Creatives and Ground in the Metaverse in July 2022. 

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