From Solo Lawyer to Legal Business Designer in less than 6 months!

Sep 02, 2021

In charge of modernizing the practice of law, today Isabel Venegas works for a boutique law firm helping them with their digital transformation and customer-centricity, with her skills and knowledge at the intersection of Legal Project Management and Legal Design. Watch the video and get to discover her story!

 Key Takeaways From Isabel's Story

  • Be open to the new, there is a world of possibilities waiting for you.
  • You need to be aware of connections that are seemingly unlikely but may surprise you. Have courage!
  • Don't stay in the box. Expand your possibilities with new knowledge, new skills, new experiences.
  • Being part of a community can propel you forward and inspire you to high performance.

Discover Isabel's Expert profile here and connect with her to chat about Legal Project Management and Legal Design.

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