Anthony Novaes (Brazil) Awarded Legal Creatives Fellowship

career & professional development Jan 26, 2023

It is a great joy to announce this week the very first Legal Creatives Fellowship granted to Anthony Novaes (Brazil) for having completed all of the 5 Levels of the Legal Design Pathway πŸ†

Over the past years, Legal Design got a lot more sophisticated. For that reason, we created the Legal Design Pathway, a practical and insightful journey that is designed specifically for professionals who graduated from the Legal Design Pro Immersion and are eager to reach their next level. 

Anthony Novaes is an exemplary candidate for the Fellowship. His commitment to the application of Legal Design to foster the usability of insurance documents and using his research skills to contribute to the advancement of Legal Design theory has brought such a positive impact already. Hence, we'd like to make a retrospective of his work to inspire others to follow his tracks. 

Anthony is an Insurance, Reinsurance and Private Pensions Attorney, Bachelor in Laws (LL.B.) from Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie (UPM) and specialist in Insurance Law from Escola de Negócios e Seguros (ENS) in Brazil. He is specializing in Digital Business at he Universidade de São Paulo (USP/Esalq) and is a student of the Multidisciplinary Training Program in Artificial Intelligence at Universidad de Buenos Aires (IALAB). Anthony has also been involved in various community service projects, such as volunteering with homeless shelters and providing pro bono legal aid to those in need. He also serves on several boards dedicated to promoting access to justice for all citizens. 

As one of the most outstanding Legal Creatives graduates, Anthony Novaes was granted the Status of Fellow for being an inspiring leader whose hard work has helped shape root even more legal design into academic research. Here are some of his most recent and important achievements that contributed to the contention of his fellowship in the 3 categories: Advancement of Legal Design Practice, Advancement of Legal Design Theory, and Contribution to the Legal Creatives Community.

1) Contributions to the Advancement of Legal Design Research & Theory.

Anthony Novaes conducted the first 1st Legal Design research on Legal Design applied to Insurance (2017/2018) that paved the way for becoming a member of one of the most important Insurance Law think tanks in Latin America, the Brazilian Institute of Insurance Law (IBDS) (IBDS only accepts as members people who present important academic contributions to the field of Insurance Law.)

He is the co-author of the 1st Legal Design book in Spanish (Legal Design: la clave para disrumpir la profesión, los negocios y el sector público, Thomson Aranzadi, 2022); co-author of one of the main Brazilian books on the subject (Legal Design: Teoria e Prática, Editora Foco, 2023), speaking of Legal Design and Insurance; and a researcher also on Legal Design and its intersection with other fields, such as Artificial Intelligence and ESG, having been published in prestigious Brazilian and international journals (in Portuguese, English and Spanish), such as A Revista de Direito e as Novas Tecnologias and Law Practice Today (Finance Issue).

Anthony is also the author of chapters of Brazilian and international books (in Portuguese, English and Spanish), where also speaks of legal design, such as Covid-19 and Insurance (Springer Nature, 2023); Seguro de personas e Inteligencia Artificial (Thomson Reuters Civitas, 2022); and Processo Civil e Seguro (Quartier Latin, 2021), and other upcoming publications.

He also acts ad the coordinator and Professor for course "Insurance 4.0" (original title in Portuguese: “Seguros 4.0”) – the first course on innovation and insurance at Future Law, the biggest Latin American legal edtech. There, he taught the 1st ever class on Legal Design and Insurance, featuring globally-recognized legal design experts Marie Potel-Saville (France, CEO of legal innovation and design agency Amurabi) and José Torres Varela (Colombia, Partner at Lexia Abogados and 1st Latin American Legal Design Lab Fellow at Stanford University).

2) Contributions to the Advancement of Legal Design Practice.

As a former member of the Legal Design team at Lima ≡ Feigelson Advogados, Anthony Novaes  worked on various legal design projects for industry-leader clients, in subjects such as Data Privacy, Labor Law, Litigation, Banking, Compliance, Corporate Law, providing services for Startups (food and transportation) and companies in sectors such as travel, gaming and e-commerce.

When formerly working as an Insurance Attorney at Mattos Filho, he started applying legal design in daily tasks and doing evangelism for his team, actively suggesting ideas and making presentations on Legal Design. One of these led to a roadshow for international clients which was praised by then-Senior Partner for the quality of the research and presentation when speaking of Covid-19 and Insurance. 

As a member of the multidisciplinary innovation, technology and digital business law firm workgroup MFTech, introduced the subject of legal design for other colleagues, Anthony Novaes delivered a training speech, helping to spread it within the firm practices and having his work featured at FENALAW (one of the main Brazilian legal innovation yearly events), via the speech delivered by one of the firm’s partners.

3)  Contributions to the Advancement of the Legal Creatives Community. 

Anthony Novaes started the Legal Design educational journey via Legal Creatives, when attended a 2019 Masterclass in the Art Galley Galeria E in São Paulo, Brazil. Afterwards, become part of the community and a member of Legal Creatives Academy, having also been certified as a Legal Design Expert Practitioner for the production of tangible work in the field.

With his Legal Creatives membership, Anthony participated in many of the Legal Design Challenges, such as the Comic Contract Challenge, whose result was featured in an article he authored by prestigious legal innovator Olga V. Mack and included in the article on Legal Design and Insurance featured in the 1st Legal Design book in Spanish.

Since the beginning of his journey, Anthony has been actively suggesting new ideas and even made himself available to help in their execution. For example, he advocated for having a special price for underprivileged regions, leading to the creation of the Access for All program.  he suggested that the platform be available in more than English which led to the creation of Legal Design Immersions 100% in Portuguese for the Brazilian community.  Anthony even offered to perform live interpretation (English-Portuguese) for a live session with Guests Experts Olga V. Mack (Parley Pro) and Stanley Lui (White Hat Guys).  

Today, Anthony is coordinating the upcoming Legal Creatives book with the Founder Tessa Manuello, gathering 12 authors from the community to contribute together to the advancement of legal design research. The book is intended to be internationally published in various languages, by prestigious publishers – showcasing the diverse and global work of the Legal Creatives community. 

We thank all the members for having casted their votes which led to the confirmation of Anthony Novaes's Fellowship Status. You can contact Anthony Noaves on LinkedIn or inside the Legal Creatives Community Hub. By honoring Anthony Novaes with the Legal Creatives Fellowship status, we are recognizing Anthony’s immense contribution towards Legal Design practice, research and the Legal Creatives community!