Future-Proof Your Career with A Legal Design Pro Certification

Dec 21, 2022

The Legal Design Pro Certification is an innovative program that provides professionals in the legal field with the necessary training and experience to work with Legal Design methods and techniques to foster customer-centricity in this rapidly evolving legal design landscape.

Whether you want to create effective and efficient legal documents, create visuals to describe complex legal concepts in litigation memorandums, or use the Legal Design approach to support the digitalization and adoption of technologies, the certification can help.

Our Certification program is designed for practitioners from all levels of expertise who want to enhance their professional capabilities through advanced and practical training in Legal Design. It equips professionals with the skills and knowledge needed to apply the Legal Design process from A to Z, starting with user research to understand the real needs of the users till the user tests to measure the impact of the solutions obtained.

As part of the certification process, participants take part in a comprehensive course that covers Legal Design fundamentals and also gives a Practical understanding of the methodology. Learners will gain hands-on experiences by joining practice rounds in which they get to experience all the steps of the methodology, using role plays.

In addition to core coursework, the certification offers a wealth of resources such as supporting material, worksheets, templates, and access to exclusive research materials in addition to an exhaustive bibliography. These components provide participants with an unparalleled opportunity to refine their understanding of the methodology in practice, and at the same time stay up-to-date on emerging trends in the industry.

Upon completion of this program, certified professionals can confidently approach any project or challenge armed with cutting-edge Legal Design skills and techniques that come from having learned thoroughly and practiced extensively during the program. Additionally, those who have achieved this prestigious certification will receive a digital badge that can be used to showcase their proficiency in legal design on LinkedIn or other professional networking sites.

Getting certified demonstrates that you have obtained a certain level of mastery in the field and that your skillset is highly honed. It also shows your clients and potential employers as well as existing and future clients that you are serious about your new skillset. Getting your skills verified gives you a tremendous advantage in the marketplace.

Our Legal Design Pro Immersion is the entry point for the Certification and is an integral part of the Legal Design Pathway, which means that you will have everything you need to ensure you can get results during the Certification Course and beyond! 


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