Move your legal business forward, innovate, and achieve tangible results in 6 weeks or less! 


Compress months of work into a few weeks of effective, pleasant, and creative collaboration to align your teams and get results quickly, even on complex issues.

What is a Legal Design Sprint?

 A Structured Process

Proven methodology and highly structured process in which your team, stakeholders and users are actively involved in designing a new service or product concept.

Collaborative Methodology

Engage your team, stakeholders and users along with our team of experts in  both the problem and solution space to create new concepts, prototypes and solutions.

Compressed Work

Accelerate your innovation process and transformation  development by compressing months of work into six weeks or less of effective, pleasant, and creative collaboration. 

How does a Legal Design work?

Let us explain everything!

We are pioneers in the world applying the Google Ventures Design Sprint methodoly developed by Jake Knapp for the world of law.

Design Sprint is a “greatest hit” of design thinking and user-centered design (UX - User Experience Design). 

Design Sprints are currently being used at some of the world’s leading companies such as Google, Uber, Medium, Slack, Facebook, The New York Times, Twitter, Dropbox, and Airbnb.

Each of the Sprint challenge and rethink legal services, products and experiences of various sectors, including contracts, employment, corporate, litigation, privacy, even legal education, access to justice and the court system.

We book 6 sessions, online with a group of 6 to 12 people from your team. No prior knowledge in the Legal Design Sprint method is required.  You are guided through the entire process by experts, from the problem discovery to the solution delivery.

The Legal Design Sprint Process


  • An important and well-defined Sprint Challenge
  • team of 5-10 people
  • decision-maker (the sponsor of the project)
  • A dedicated virtual space adapted for creativity which we prepare for you.

Sample agenda

  • Opening Ceremony with as many attendees as you want from your organization/customers.
  • Week 1: Problem Finding
  • Week 2: Personas Building
  • Week 3: Brainstorming
  • Week 4: Prototyping
  • Week 5: Testing
  • Week 6: Iteration
  • Closing Ceremony with as many attendees as you want from your organization/customers.

This Sample Agenda is adapted depending on the challenge tackled.


  • On Week 4, we will co-create a low-fidelity prototype allowing us to test the concepts imagined during the previous days.
  • On Week 5, we will present this prototype to future users or potential customers. The interviews and user reactions are filmed, and the lessons are captured using a scorecard.
  • On Week 6, we will present the user insights from the test and iterate the prototype to create a high-fidelity prototype based on the feedback collected.


  • Reduced risk and uncertainty
  • An aligned team and a clear strategy
  • Data to take important, informed decisions
  • Dramatically improved speed of execution
  • Clarity to the innovation process
  • Engagement and momentum for a key project
  • Delivery a tested and validated prototype, with all the material from the user tests along with valuable insights, UX Research and validated concept.


Marco Mendola
(United Kingdom)

"I learned about the Importance of sharing feedback between team members and iterating as much as possible; also to test the prototype asap. It was great working together on this privacy project to identify new solutions not yet attempted by many others." 

Beatrice Camilla Pirovano

"To innovate, diversity is an absolutely necessary ingredient and teamwork is as difficult as satisfactory! I learned so many new tools that I will re-use in my work. I absolutely loved the experience of going through all the steps, from beginning to end!"

Dorra Harrar

"I really appreciate applying the legal design methodology to a real case with my client. I am very proud to announce that I am shortlisted for personal initiative category Innovation& Excellence Awards EMEA region organized by World Commerce & Contracting for 2022."

Ivonne Corridor

"I really liked the board that was designed for us to complete the sprint, and all the material available to facilitate us every step. The material given on each session will make easier to apply what has been taught in future projects. The information architecture framework for the contract design is not an easy step, but so the tools very useful to understand what needs to be included in the document."

Anthony Novaes

"I really enjoyed the opportunity of redesigning an insurance policy in comics. It was very surprising! Of course, it was hard work, but so rewarding and I have to say that I am really proud of the result we achieved. For sure this prototype will keep evolving with users' feedback. I will be using so many of the insights for my research. It was a very unique learning opportunity and I am so thankful!"


Wanna work with us?


If you are thinking of organizing a Design Sprint with us, need consulting or mentorship, contact a facilitator, via [email protected] or book a Video call. Let's organize a Legal Design Sprint to get Immediate results, align your team, boost creativity, limit risks and maximize ROI!

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Empowering legal professionals from 50 countries to think more creatively about the law. Join the Platform today!


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